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What your wedding transport says about you

When planning a wedding, there are so many choices to make: what dress to wear, what type of venue to choose, how to entertain your guests. And whether we like it or not, each choice says a little bit about who we are – and what we want our marriage to be. But what about the transport for your big day? We take a light-hearted look at what the most popular types tell us about the couples that pick them.

Vintage wedding cars

If you’ve chosen a classic vehicle like a Rolls Royce or a Bentley to whisk you to the venue on your wedding day, you’re a hopeless romantic who wants to pull out all the stops. Timeless and elegant, you and your loved one have bags of style and aren’t afraid to show the world. Teamed with avintage wedding dress for the bride and a cute, retro-themed reception, this choice is one that will never go out of fashion.

Sports cars

Who wouldn’t want to arrive at their wedding in a sleek Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini sports car? Stylish, sophisticated and effortlessly cool, these are vehicles with the real wow factor – a choice that will blow your guests away. The couples that choose these are dynamic and exciting people with lives that make others green with envy – and a ride in a wedding sports car will likely be followed by a honeymoon in some far-flung and exotic location.

Stretch limousine

The choice of the party animal, the stretch limousine is a vehicle for the couple that can’t decide between their loved ones – and opts to invite everyone along for the ride! If you’re travelling to your wedding in a stretch limo, you’re fun, sociable and like to let your hair down. And on your special day, we know that the celebrations won’t stop until the early hours!

Horse and carriage

For some people, it’s all about tradition – and even a motorised wedding car is too much of a concession to the modern age. If you’ve chosen a horse and carriage for your wedding day, you’re likely an old-fashioned sort of couple that wants your celebration to be all about the romance. You’re definitely not in a hurry, of course, and we predict that your day will be filled with precious moments to treasure for the rest of your lives.


Classic vs. modern wedding cars: which one is right for you?

It’s the eternal wedding debate… one of you wants to arrive at the venue in an elegant, vintage vehicle, while the other is dreaming of the sleek lines and powerful engine of the latest sports car. So how do you decide between the two? Luckily, it’s not just about the aesthetics – there are practical considerations that can help lead you in the right direction.

In order to make the best choice, you need to look at the pros and cons of both options. So let’s look at vintage cars first. With their classic good looks, romantic appearance and elegant interiors, older model vehicles like Rolls Royces and Bentleys are a popular choice of wedding car. And in many ways, they live up to the hype. You’ll definitely feel like a million dollars on board one of these charming vehicles, and they’re sure to make a beautiful backdrop to your special day.

However, classic cars have their limitations too. For example, they often have little power behind them, and might struggle with particularly hilly or difficult terrain. Plus, there’s a higher chance that they could break down – leaving you stranded en route to the biggest day of your life.

Another consideration is what you want in the way of technology. If your idea of the perfect ride to your wedding is relaxing with a glass of bubbly in hand, chatting while some soft music plays in the background, then a vintage vehicle could be just what you’re looking for. But if you’re the
sort of person who wants a state-of-the-art sound system and plenty of gadgets on board, you’re better off looking at a more modern option.

While they are a more unusual choice, modern wedding cars can be just as glamorous as their vintage counterparts – although they won’t give off the same traditional vibe. But what they lack in old-school charm they more than make up for in effortless cool, and your guests are sure to be impressed if you arrive in the latest Ferrari or Porsche model. And with the latest luxury vehicles, you’ll need to worry far less about any mechanical failings.

However, it’s worth noting that modern wedding cars are often less roomy than classic ones – although if space is a consideration you could always opt for a ‘stretch’ version of your favourite car. As you can see, there are pros and cons to each option – so take some time to weigh them up and decide which one is right for your big day.


How much to budget for your wedding transport

Wedding planning is an exciting time, but one that always comes with a certain reservation too. And when you have to fork out for everything from the dress and the flowers to the venue and the catering, the costs soon start adding up. Of course, sensible wedding budget is the key, but it can be difficult to know how much to set aside. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to wedding transport costs.

First, do a headcount of everyone you’ll need to sort travel for on your big day. Traditionally, you’ll be responsible for organising transport for the bride and groom and their respective wedding parties, plus both sets of parents and any other close family members. However, you don’t need to stick to this if it seems to costly – just talk to your guests honestly about what’s right for you.

Generally speaking, an out-of-season, basic car hire package will start somewhere in the region of £200. And if you only need a vehicle for an hour or two, you shouldn’t have to budget much more than this – although bear in mind that summer wedding transport will come with a higher

Confusingly, different companies operate different methods of pricing, with some charging by the hour and some charging a set fee. With this in mind, it’s difficult to predict exact prices, but if you want full day hire of a luxury vehicle you’ll need to be putting aside a budget of around £300 to £500. And if you need to transport your guests from the ceremony to the venue, coach hire usually starts at around £200.

At first, these prices can seem a bit daunting, with the possibility of paying over a thousand pounds just for transport on your big day. But luckily there are some things that you can do to bring these costs down. For example, some companies will offer a discount for couples booking multiple cars, while others offer special packages that will bring prices down. And don’t forget to negotiate either – often you can get extras like flowers and champagne thrown in for free.

With the right wedding budgeting, you can plan your perfect wedding transport – with no nasty surprises once the final bill arrives!


How to save money on your wedding car

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life – but it’s likely to be the most expensive one too. And as well as the obvious expenses like the venue and the dress, there are countless smaller costs that will probably take you by surprise. And before long, you might find yourself worryingly over budget. But don’t panic! There are some areas where it’s relatively easy to make savings – such as hiring your wedding car.

Like many aspects of your wedding, transport can be cheaper when booked out of season – so consider having your celebration in autumn or winter to keep costs down. Also, many hire providers also supply vehicles for events like proms or graduations, so choosing a date that doesn’t fall during these seasons will help you get the best price.

Already settled on your date? Don’t worry, there are other things that you can do to help cut costs. For example, do you really need to provide luxury transport for the whole bridal party? A common money-saving trick is for the groom to travel with other guests to the ceremony, while a wedding car picks up the bride and her party. Then, once the ceremony is over, the happy couple can travel onwards in the vehicle – eliminating the need to hire multiple wedding cars. And if you do need to organise transport for a larger party, a minibus or coach is obviously a more affordable option than a fleet of luxury limousines.

If you’ve already got your heart set on your dream car, there’s limited flexibility, but it’s still worth shopping around for the best deal. In some cases, even choosing a different colour or a slightly older model can make surprising differences in the hire cost. And if you haven’t decided yet,
you’re in luck! Obviously, the most popular wedding cars like Rolls Royces and Bentleys are the most in demand, but if you’re happy with a more unusual choice there are some fantastic savings to be made.

Finally, you can slash the costs of wedding car hire if you only need a vehicle for a few hours, rather than a whole day. So if you’re on a tight budget, why not hire something just for your grand entrance and the photographs, then catch a taxi or to any later engagements? It might not be as glamorous but it’s convenient and affordable, freeing up your finances to spend money elsewhere.


Five tips for the perfect journey on your wedding day

If you’re getting married, you may well have booked luxury wedding transport to take you and your loved ones to the venue on your special day. But kicking things off with a memorable journey isn’t just about choosing the right vehicle. To help you plan, here are our top tips to travelling without a hitch on your wedding day.

  1. Be prepared
    All the planning in the world can quickly go down the drain if you’re not ready for your wedding car, and a delay this early in the day could have disastrous knock-on effects. So to make your journey as stress-free as possible, make sure that your whole party is ready in good time – and maybe even plan a 15-minute window for any last minute panics!
  2. Don’t be late
    Even if you’ve left on time, it’s always possible that traffic and accidents can hold you up you enroute. And while you can never predict such possibilities, you can be prepared for them. In fact, we recommend adding an extra 10-20 minutes on to your journey time to allow for any unpredictable delays.
  3. Book the right car
    Nothing will ruin a journey quicker than being cramped and uncomfortable – particularly when you’re all dressed in your finest clothes. To avoid starting the day on a sour note, make sure that your wedding car has ample space for everyone to sit comfortably – and enough room to raise a toast.
  4. Pop the bubbly
    Speaking of toasts, your wedding transport is the perfect place to get the celebration started. But do you really want to be thinking about chilling Champagne with everything else that’s on your plate? Instead, why not make life easier and speak to your hire company about providing a chilled glass of bubbly for all your party? Then all you need to do is kick back and let the fun begin!
  5. Pump up the tunes
    What better way to get yourself in the party mood then by blasting out your favourite tunes? These days, most wedding cars will come with a sound system as standard – and some even boast state-of-the-art equipment. To avoid last-minute hassle, liaise with your hire company
    beforehand and supply them with the soundtrack to your wedding day.

Chauffeur-driven vs. self-drive: the right choice for your wedding car

At first, this might seem like a no-brainer. Because who wants to worry about getting behind the wheel on their big day? But with more and more people eschewing alcohol for health or religious reasons, self-drive hire cars are becoming an increasingly popular option for brides and grooms.
So how can you decide which option is right for you?

As with anything, both options have their pros and cons – so let’s take a look at them. For decades, a chauffeur-driven vehicle has been a steadfast wedding tradition. And it’s true that the benefits are numerous: you won’t need to worry about driving, traffic or getting lost on your wedding day, and you’re free to relax with your loved ones while someone else takes care of all the details. And, of course, if you want to celebrate with a glass or two of champagne, they’ll be someone on hand to make sure that you get where you’re going on time.

However, hiring a chauffeur means inviting a stranger to share your big day, and if you’re a fan of luxury cars you might feel a little envious that they get to do the driving. Plus, you’re reliant on an external party
to ensure that everything goes without a hitch.

With a self-drive wedding car, you’ll have full control over your wedding transport. And for most people, the appeal of this is the chance to drive the sort of car they’ve always dreamed of.

Imagine arriving at your venue behind the wheel of a gleaming Ferrari, or channelling your inner movie star in a vintage Aston Martin? For many couples, their wedding will be the only time that they get to experience a luxury vehicle – so why should a chauffeur have all the fun? However, if
you do go for this option you need to bear in mind that you will be responsible for getting from place to place on time – something that can be a stressful addition to an already busy day.

At the end of the day, only you can decide which option is best for you – but be sure to talk through all the pros and cons with your partner before making a final decision!


How to plan your wedding transport with precision

It’s a nightmare we’ve all had: one half of the happy couple is waiting at the venue while the other is delayed, leaving a very nervous bride or groom stranded at the altar! Or perhaps your worries are more about older relatives and whether they’ll arrive at the ceremony on time?

While we can’t stop you from fretting completely, we do have some simple planning tips that will help ensure that everyone gets to where they’re going on time – and make your wedding day as hassle-free as possible!

The first step to a smooth wedding is to make sure all of your transport plans are in place well in advance. In fact, it’s best to book your vehicles as soon as the other details like the venue and the date are secured. Sadly, we know of too many couples that have waited too late to sort their wedding cars, and ended up with inferior vehicles as a result. And remember that most hire places also supply cars for events like graduations and proms, so

if you’re getting married during these seasons it’s recommended to book early. Next, make sure that the company you use is reliable. Luckily, it’s now easy to access independent customer reviews for pretty much any hire provider, so make sure that you check how other users have rated their service. For example, you might think that you’ve found a bargain, but you’ll be regretting your decision if the driver shows up late on your wedding day.

As well as this, you need to consider your transport needs. Do you just need a car to take you to the venue, or will you need transport to the reception as well? And how about getting home at the end of the day? Also, think about who will need to travel. In most cases, the bride and groom as well as their respective families and wedding parties travel in the wedding cars, but don’t feel like you have to stick to tradition if that doesn’t work for you. Once you’ve established who needs to travel and where, your driver will be able to help you plan the best route for your
special day.

Finally, always give yourself more time than you think you’ll need! For example, if the ceremonystarts at midday, aim to arrive at 11:45 a.m. at the latest. And when you’re calculating your pick-up time, don’t forget to add in extra to account for traffic, delays and the inevitable last minute issues that are likely to occur. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to planning a stress-free wedding day!


How to choose the perfect wedding car

There are so many things to think about when planning your big day. But while everything from the flowers to the table decorations will help you add your own personal touch to the proceedings, there are few elements that will have a greater impact than your choice of wedding car.

For most of your guests, the arrival of the wedding car will be their first glimpse of the bride-to-be, and such a special moment needs the sort of vehicle that dreams are made of. But with so many on the rental market, how can you choose the one that’s right for you?

First, it’s helpful to think about what’s important to you in a wedding car. For example, do you want the classic look and retro glamour of a vintage car? Or would you rather have something equipped with all the latest technology? Older vehicles are great for the happy couple and lend
an air of traditional romance to your day, while newer, luxury models tend to have options like state-of-the-art sound systems an on-board bars – ideal for getting the fun started with your whole wedding party.

Secondly, how big a vehicle do you need? Popular classic wedding cars such as a Rolls Royce or an Aston Martin can generally carry just four passengers, although something like a Daimler limousine will have room for up to seven. Conversely, many modern wedding cars can seat as many as 14 people – ideal if you’re a bride or groom with lots of friends and family to accommodate. Alternatively, a stylish two-seater sports car is a great choice for any couple that puts privacy at the top of their agenda.

Lastly, it’s important to consider the colour of your chosen vehicle, and how it fits into your general colour scheme. For example, those lemon yellow bridesmaid dresses might look fantastic alongside a black or white wedding car – but stand them against a red Ferrari and you’ll have a terrible clash on your hands. Similarly, brightly painted vehicles can add a welcome splash of colour to a largely monochrome wedding palette.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect wedding car – and enjoying a day you’ll never forget.


Top 5 classic wedding cars

Despite all the developments in the automotive industry over the years, there’s something about classic cars that just never goes out of style. In fact, thousands of happy couples choose a vintage vehicle as their wedding transport every year. But if you’re thinking of joining them, it can be difficult to pick a model. To help you make your decision, here’s our guide to some of the best.

  1. Bentley S-Type
    Considered by many to be the ultimate classic wedding car, the Bentley S-Type has got it all. With its elegant silhouette and graceful lines, this vehicle was considered a design classic from the moment it launched, and not much has changed since. Available in white, black and silver, these stunning cars will make the perfect addition to any wedding.
  2. Austin Princess
    A flagship model back in the 1940s and 1950s, the Austin Princess oozes the glamour and sophistication of a bygone era. Boasting a surprisingly impressive 3.5-litre engine and a plush interior of walnut, leather and wool, this super-luxe vehicle is sure to blow your guests away on your wedding day. And for bigger parties, the extended limousine version offers even more space to relax.
  3. Beauford Classic
    When many people think of classic wedding cars, the image conjured up is one of a Beauford Classic. Available as both an open or a closed top model, these stunning vehicles are actually hiding a clever secret – they’re only designed to look like they’re from another time. In fact, most Beaufords were built after 1985, giving you a great opportunity to combine a retro aesthetic with all the comforts of a modern vehicle.
  4. Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
    Of course, no discussion of classic wedding cars would be complete without a mention of the Rolls Royce – and we think that the Silver Cloud is the finest of them all. With its generous proportions, stately good looks and plush, luxurious interior, this vehicle is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to make a statement on their wedding day.
  5. Aston Martin DB5
    If you or your loved one are fans of Hollywood glamour, what better way to arrive at your wedding then in James Bond’s favourite car? Boasting movie-star good looks and an interior inspired by opulent country estates, the Aston Martin DB5 will add a real sparkle to your special day. And with just two seats, it’s ideal for couples that want something private and special to


Top 5 modern wedding cars

While many brides and grooms go for something vintage for their special day, not everyone
wants their nuptials to be set in the past. But if you’ve decided on a modern look for your wedding car, how can you be sure to pick the right one? To help you make your decision, we’ve gathered together a list of some of the best.

  1. Hummer limousine
    If you’re the sort of person who loves to party, a stretch Hummer limousine is a fantastic choice. Often decked out with extras like on-board bars, disco lights and state-of-the-art sound systems, these huge vehicles are definitely not for shrinking violets – but they’re sure to get you noticed on your big day.
  2. Porsche Panera
    Want something a little more highbrow? The elegant Porsche Panera is sporty and high-performance enough to impress your guests, while still offering a plush interior and plenty of little luxuries. More on the compact side, this is ideal for brides and grooms that want an intimate car.
  3. Aston Martin Rapide
    While classic Aston Martins might be the more commonplace wedding car, the Rapide brings all that glamour and style into the modern age. Combining classic good looks with 21st century technology, this spacious four-door saloon is considered one of the most beautiful sports cars in the world.
  4. Rolls Royce Ghost
    No matter how hard you try to be different, there are just some people who can’t imagine a wedding without a Rolls Royce. So why not eschew the classic versions in favour of a contemporary Ghost model – a spacious, elegant vehicle with a luxurious interior that’s second to none?
  5. Mercedes S-Class
    One of the world’s most iconic luxury cars, the S-Class is the ideal choice for those that want a more understated vibe. Described by some as more like a private jet than a car, this vehicle combines a sophisticated aesthetic with a gadget-packed interior that’s sure to keep your inner James Bond entertained.