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Luxury Wedding Cars to Hire in London

Weddings are highly significant in one’s life and a much-awaited celebration by the soon to be bride and groom and their families. Once you have settled on a venue, you can consider hiring an attractive wedding car in London to carry the whole wedding party around. When looking for wedding cars, you will find many options, including vintage cars and modern cars. Vintage or old-fashioned ones would look great and give your day a nostalgic feel – also, it might make for some good pictures!

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Classic Vintage Wedding Cars or Modern Wedding Cars?

Hiring a classic wedding car will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Classic Rolls-Royce and Bentleys are quality options for those attending the most important event in their lives. They add more beauty, exclusiveness, and lasting memories for guests who attend the ceremony. They are great for stunning photographs sure to please any romantic! The ultimate symbol of royalty, they’re extremely popular among royals and celebrities. 

However, recently many couples have gotten an interest in hiring modern cars for their wedding day. A luxury car, such as a sports utility or an Audi A8, can be rented out by them for this special occasion when they look spectacular when it comes to elegance and luxury. If you’re looking for that one thing that will make your guests sit up and take notice, you should consider booking yourself a Jaguar XJ or a Porsche Panamera! 

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What are some of the most Romantic Wedding Cars?

Weddings are generally considered to be a romantic occasion for both the bride and groom. Whether you hire a classic car or a modern one, everyone expects it to be the most memorable event of a lifetime. Let’s have a look at some of the most romantic and beautiful cars that will make your day extraordinary. 

  • Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is elegant and spacious enough to make the perfect wedding car. It has a comfortable leather interior and chic wood veneer to add a luxury feel without being overwhelming! In short, this vehicle would provide your guests with a comfy ride to your wedding venue from start to finish – from when you arrive in style in your four-door, right up until the moment you step out in a stunning white dress or tuxedo.

  • Bentley R

The Bentley R Type classic car is popular for a good reason! It stands out with its sleek and sophisticated design, which adds to the drama of any wedding ceremony. With features like the chrome grille, vintage design, and wheel arches – the R type has been an icon since 1952. Available in several colours that can be customized to match your special day.

  • Ferrari F430

Many people opt for the Ferrari F430, a wedding transport ideas. If you hire a self-drive Ferrari for your wedding day, you can have the best of both worlds – you’ll turn heads as you arrive at the venue in this luxury car and can celebrate with your friends and guests! The car will leave behind a fantastic memory and be quite different from other cars that might arrive simultaneously.

  • Rolls Royce Silver Ghost 1906

The Rolls Royce will add a touch of class and sophistication for any wedding day in Wales, Shrewsbury, and Birmingham. It features a superior brass radiator, lamps, and fittings, making it look very much like a model from the eponymous James Bond film. The interior offers comfort beyond compare, thanks to its lavishing leather seats. This wedding car has been a blessing for the UK for many years, providing timeless & traditional qualities. 

  • Mercedes S-Class

Combining cutting-edge performance with unimpeachable luxury, this piece of automotive engineering is perfect for speeding about the globe in style. The current generation model combines an expansive range of technology with ample legroom for taller passengers. It is safe to say that its popularity spreads far beyond just being known as a workhorse around town. Many couples enjoy taking an extended trip across Europe or even into Asia to celebrate their big day – all while riding is nothing short of pure luxury!

  • Beauford Classic

The Beauford Classics are handcrafted with the style and grace of the 1930s. The weather roof will keep you snug and dry. When the sun shines, you can sit back and enjoy the warmth of the occasion in an open vehicle. With open or closed bodies, many of these vehicles are bought with the sole intention of becoming wedding cars. Hiring this car for your wedding day will leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

Take your time to find the perfect car for your wedding. Go for a test drive to see if it is as perfect as you imagined. Once you have selected your dream vehicle for transport, make sure that you book it a few days earlier as this will avoid any disappointments. 

Top 10 Wedding Cars

Wedding cars play a key role in the overall wedding presentation, being a key player in the image your big day conveys. At Wedding Car Hire we are always trying to help happy couples select the perfect wedding car for them, assisting them with cars that reflects their personality and the nature of their celebration. Below you will see our top 10 wedding cars, we hope they help you with your wedding planning.

6 Tips to Secure a Budget-Friendly Wedding Venue

Wedding venues are seldom cheap. It is not unusual for couples to budget huge sums to pay for venue rental fees, which could go-ahead to put a strain on their finances in their first year of marriage. If you want to save money on wedding venue fees, here are 6 cost-effective tips for you to explore.

Use one venue instead of two:

An excellent way to save money is to have your wedding ceremony and reception at the same location. If you’re cool with saying your wedding vows in a modern setting, look for a location that has the ability to be both a ceremony and reception venue so you don’t have to pay two separate location fees. This arrangement can also be beneficial to your guests since most of them are happy with not having to drive from the ceremony to get to the reception.

Find a wedding package that works:

Wedding venues offer different kinds of packages to couples but it’s up to you to look at what’s included in each package to see the one that aligns with your budget. In most instances, the best package is usually the one that’s all-inclusive as it means the venue will take care of everything including decorations, food, cake, décor, flowers, and more. It might look expensive at first but it is a great choice as it saves you a ton since the venue will make the deal with the vendors and then pass the savings on to you.

Think alternative:

If you’re looking to keep costs low, going with something a little “off the beaten trail” can help you achieve your goal. Consider hosting your wedding in non-traditional wedding venues like chic industrial spaces, modern lofts, and restaurants, a public park, or even an art gallery. These alternative wedding venues do not have the same exorbitant prices as grand ballrooms, and most of these locations will let you host your wedding there for a fraction of what you could have spent on places that are well-known for being wedding venues.

Select your wedding date carefully:

Summer is the most preferred wedding season due to the friendly weather, which is usually nice and sunny. As a result, couples who decide to get married in summer end up paying more for a venue. In effect, this means you stand a better chance of saving money on your wedding venue by choosing a date that falls throughout the wedding off-season period. This will also save you money when you book your honeymoon.

Timing is everything:

It is typical for weddings to hold on Saturdays, resulting in expensive rates for people who are looking to use venues for that purpose. Most venues charge up to 50% less if you book any other day of the week since there’s very little demand for their locations on such days. But if you choose to hold your wedding on a Saturday, it’s best to have a morning wedding so you will be done with the entire ceremony by noon. It can help you shave some quid off your venue rental fee while giving you plenty of time to spend with your new spouse on your special day.

Think small:

Most times, the capacity of a venue determines how much it goes for. By opting for a small wedding, you can easily choose from the tons of gorgeous small wedding venues available in your area. Besides, few people at your wedding mean fewer mouths to feed and less space to decorate, which will definitely help you stay within your budget. You and your partner will have to agree on the number of people to invite to your wedding.


Wedding ceremonies can be quite expensive but you can bring the costs under control by using the tips above. Be sure to get offers from different locations and book early so you can get the best deal.

Top 6 Wedding Themes to Make Your Big Day Special

One of the hardest aspects of planning a wedding is deciding the best wedding theme to be incorporated into the big day. While you don’t need a wedding theme, having one can take your big day from typical to terrific with just a little extra planning. Here are some wedding themes you should consider.


A rustic theme is a perfect way to let your guests escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life so they can have a taste of the simplicity that farm life offers. You don’t have to live on a farm to adopt this theme as string lights, oak beams, mason jars, and bales of hay contribute to its simple and homey vibe. You could even incorporate country-western cake elements like cowboy boots or horseshoes.


Whether you feel you should have been born in another era or you just want to draw inspiration from the past decade, choosing a vintage wedding is the perfect way to connect to a decade or century. You can go back in time to hold any type of wedding including ancient Greece, the eighteenth century, the 70s, 80s, 90s, and more. Just sprinkle antique touches and other heirloom details throughout your attire and décor to exemplify a vintage-finished wedding.


If you’re a huge fan of the seaside or you just want a destination wedding, a beach theme is a great idea because it merges a destination and a season. When it comes to color for your décor, think blue and white, and the sun and sands will tie it all together. Pristine waters, the smell of the salt hair, and the feel of fresh sea breeze on your cheeks as you get married to the love of your life – is there anything better than that?


If you and your partner love to travel as much as you love each other, incorporate a creative travel theme to bring a shared sense of wanderlust to life at your wedding. Think weddings on cliffs, overlooking mountains, waterfalls, and more. You could even get creative with your invitations (like pretend passports).


If you’ve always liked the idea of an outdoor wedding, a garden theme could be the way to go. Spring and summer are the best seasons to host this kind of wedding, with flowers and lush vegetation being at the heart of your day. If you don’t own a garden, you could easily ask a friend or family to donate a potted land so you can exchange your vows in a natural setting.  

Bohemian theme

If you’ve read to this point and you’re yet to pick a theme, consider opting for a bohemian-themed wedding. With flower tiaras, long flowing gowns, oriental rugs, patterned cushions and more, the boho style has a way of remaining chic with minimal effort.


If none of the above speaks to you, you can combine any of the themes to create your own unique wedding theme.