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Top 10 Wedding Themes

With many guests often attending several weddings in one year, more and more couples are turning to wedding themes as a way to make their ceremony stand out from the crowd. From historic and period themes to movie genres, colour themes and more, choosing a theme wedding has plenty of benefits. Having a theme can help you with important choices when planning your wedding, and also helps guests who are struggling with what to wear. Themes also allow you to add plenty of clever little touches to your wedding, making sure your guests will remember it for years to come.

Here’s our pick of some of the best wedding themes:

1920s Wedding

A popular choice at the moment due to the popularity of 1920s-themed cultural phenomena like Downton Abbey and the Great Gatsby, the decade of flapper dresses, decadence and sequins is the perfect inspiration for your special day.

Medieval Wedding

Also popular with fans of the books and TV series Game of Thrones, a medieval-style wedding guarantees plenty of fun on your big day. Choose embroidered dresses with pointed sleeves, indulgent banquets packed with meat and game and period drinks like mead for an authentic touch.

Festival Wedding

Channel the celebratory spirit of Glastonbury for your own festival-style wedding. Great for couples on a budget, all you need to create the right atmosphere is a field, a marquee, some willing bands and a bar stocked with cider and real ale.

fairytale wedding

A fairytale wedding is what many brides dream of, and there are plenty of ways to make it come true. If you can afford it, a castle makes a magical setting for your special day, but there are also plenty of woodland venues around the country offering the same enchanting atmosphere at a fraction of the price.

Beach Weddings

Whether you’re opting for the exotic white beaches of somewhere like Thailand or Fiji or the more accessible (and affordable) beaches of the British coast, a beach wedding is a truly romantic occasion you’re sure to remember for years to come.

Extreme Weddings

From getting married while skydiving to saying your vows in the basket of a hot air balloon, extreme weddings are all the rage. And don’t worry if not all your guests are as adventurous as you are – simply hire a more traditional venue near by and set up an internet link so they can watch the proceedings in comfort.

Attraction Weddings

Britain boasts hundreds of magical and unique tourist attractions, so why not use one of them as a memorable setting for your big day? From museums and aquariums to art galleries and even theme parks, there are lots of different venues to choose from.

Seasonal Weddings

For a simple and effective theme for your big day, why not choose a seasonal theme? Summer weddings can make use of bright colours and abundant fresh flowers, while Winter weddings look magical with shades of white, red and green.

Gothic Weddings

A Gothic wedding doesn’t mean you have to go down the aisle swathed in black, but simple touches like carved pumpkin lanterns and atmospheric décor make a Halloween-themed wedding a quirky and unusual choice.

Geeky Weddings

With more and more people falling in love with ‘geek culture’, weddings themed around Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or favourite video games are no longer an obscure tradition. All you need to do is make sure your invitations contain an overview of the theme, so that any uninitiated guests won’t be left in the dark.


Top 10 Celebrity Weddings

When making big decisions about how they want to celebrate their special day, many brides and grooms turn to the high profile weddings of celebrities and royalty for inspiration. And while most couples won’t have the influence to get married in Westminster Abbey or the bank balance to fly all their guests to a private paradise island, there are plenty of ideas to be drawn from a quick glance at the top celebrity weddings of the past. Here is our pick of the best:

Kate Middleton and Prince William

One of the most anticipated weddings of modern times, Kate and William’s royal wedding inspired wedding-fever around the globe with approximately 2 billion people watching the live broadcast around the world.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

In one of the first fairytale weddings of the celebrity age, the Hollywood star Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier of Monaco in an elaborate ceremony in 1956. The wedding inspired a whole new generation of brides to choose full-skirted wedding dresses over the more slimline styles favoured in earlier years.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hinch

The supermodel’s wedding was responsible for kickstarting a trend for laid-back, bohemian ‘festival-style’ weddings when she married Hince from the band The Kills. The ceremony was just a small part of ‘Mosstock’, a weekend-long exclusive event for guests featuring gourmet food and entertainment from the cream of rock and roll.

Jackie Kennedy and President Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy’s status as one of the most iconic fashion icons of the twentieth century was cemented when she married US President John F Kennedy in 1953. The wedding took place in Newport, Rhode Island and was attended by over a thousand guests.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Rossi

One of the most high-profile same sex weddings ever to take place, Ellen and Portia tied the knot in 2008 in an intimate ceremony surrounded by just 20 of their closest friends. With both brides looking beautiful in a white suit and white halterneck dress respectively, the day was certainly one to remember for the happy couple.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

When singer Gwen married British musician Gavin, the scene was set for one of the most rock and roll weddings of recent years. The bride’s traditional white Dior dress was given a quirky twist with pink ombre detailing on the hem was worn twice – once for the wedding in London and again for a second ceremony in LA 2 weeks later.

Bianca Perez-Mora Macias and Mick Jagger

Another classic rock and roll wedding – this one capturing the very essence of the 1970s – Mick and Bianca’s Mediterranean wedding took place in the glitzy town of St Tropez, where the four months pregnant bride stunned guests in a daring deep v-neck and on-trend maxi skirt in white.

Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles

One of the most iconic royal weddings of all time, 750 million people tuned in to watch on their televisions as the twenty year old Diana Spencer wed the heir to the British throne in a fairytale dress that inspired thousands of brides.

Katy Perry and Russel Brand

When the musician and notorious lothario tied the knot in 2010 they set a new record for the most elaborate celebrity wedding. Taking place in India, the wedding featured 20 camels, elephants and horses among the guests.

Liza Minelli and David Gest

Famous as one of the weirdest and most outlandish weddings of recent years, Liza Minelli was walked down the aisle by Michael Jackson in front of 500 guests – many of whom were celebrities from the golden age of Hollywood. The ceremony featured famous singers, countless outfit changes and a six foot wedding cake.


Top 10 Wedding Venues

In decades past, brides and grooms had somewhat limited options when it came to choosing the venue for their special day. Typically, there was a ceremony in a local church or registry office, followed by a wedding breakfast in a local hotel. Today, couples are spoiled for choice with hundreds of thousands of venues offering dedicated wedding packages all across the country. From grand exclusive use venues to magical woodland glades and back-to-basics DIY spaces, everyone can find the perfect place to say “I do” – here is our pick of some of the best.

Bovey Castle, Dartmoor, Devon

The ultimate wedding venue for those who want a rural wedding without sacrificing on any luxuries, Bovey Castle is an award-winning wedding venue featuring grand architecture and landscaped gardens in a spectacular setting deep in the beautiful Devon countryside.

Weddings In the Wood, New Forest

What could be more romantic than an intimate wedding beneath the green canopies of the New Forest? This venue has a wood-clad barn and a marquee – so you can stay cosy in bad weather – and can cater for up to 225 guests.

Aikwood Tower, Selkirk, Scotland

Always dreamed of a fairytale wedding? You can be king and queen of your own Scottish castle with a wedding in Aikwood Tower. Perfect for intimate weddings of up to 80 guests, this sixteenth century castle boasts luxurious accommodation on one of Scotland’s finest estates.

The Green House Hotel, Bournemouth

Want to enjoy an eco-friendly wedding but nervous about going back to basics? The Green House Hotel offers the best of both worlds. An award-winning boutique venue in the heart of Bournemouth, the Green House prides itself on its green credentials and dedication to sustainability.

Stockbridge Farm Barn, Sherbourne, Dorset

One of the finest medieval barns in England, Stockbridge Farm Barn is a great choice for couples who want something a little different. With its striking appearance, huge vaulted space seating up to 180 people and beautiful location in the Dorset countryside, the barn offers the perfect backdrop for a day to remember.

Natural History Museum, London

Another great choice for those seeking somewhere quirky and unusual to celebrate their special day, London’s Natural History Museum can accommodate up to 650 guests in its grand Central Hall. The jaw-dropping centrepiece? The Museum’s famous diplodocus skeleton looming over your guests.

Pennyhill Park, surrey

While your wedding day will obviously be the main event, many couples today are choosing venues that offer a little something extra for guests to enjoy in their downtime. At Pennyhill Park there are Championship golf courses and a state-of-the-art spa available for guests attending weddings at the luxurious country house hotel.

The Cary Arms, Devon

Want an authentic English Inn wedding that doesn’t compromise on quality? The Cary Arms offers a comfortable and luxurious private saloon and a sci-fi inspired glass ‘pod’ for brides and grooms looking to celebrate their special day – all in a stunning location on the dramatic South Devon coast.

Eltham Palace, London

A historic venue with a twist, Eltham Palace was once home to Henry VIII before being kitted out with a striking Art Deco interior. With a special package offering weddings for just £1000, it’s ideal for couples who want a memorable location in Central London that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Cleeve Abbey, Somerset

For a really romantic backdrop to your wedding, what better choice than the ancient Cleeve Abbey in the idyllic Somerset countryside? Combining a choice of cosy indoor rooms, dramatic ruins and outdoor spaces, the abbey is a great venue that your guests are sure to remember for years to come.


Top 10 Wedding Hymns

Are you planning a traditional church wedding? Getting married in a church that’s significant to you and your family is a beautiful way to start your new life as husband and wife. You will be creating memories that will stay with you for years to come – from the moment the bride joins her husband-to-be at the altar to the moment they exit the church for the first time as man and wife. So it’s worth taking a little time to ensure that the hymns which accompany your ceremony are ones that have meaning to you as a couple. To help you decide, here is our pick of the best.

Here Comes the Bride – the Wedding March

An obvious choice, but one that’s still worth mentioning for its enduring, timeless appeal. Written by Wagner for the opera Lohengrin, it’s the hymn that thousands of brides choose to accompany them down the aisle every year.

All Things Bright And Beautiful

A great choice for couples who have lots of non-regular church goers on their guestlist, this is a hymn that most people will remember from school – and a catchy tune that will have everyone joining in.

Amazing Grace

Another hymn that will be instantly recognisable even to your guests who don’t go to church, Amazing Grace has a haunting and romantic quality that makes it the perfect choice for your wedding day.


A more classic hymn based on a poem by William Blake, Jerusalem has a grand and empowering quality that makes it a great choice for building up anticipation at the beginning of your ceremony.

Give Me Joy In My Heart

A fun and upbeat choice that’s great for weddings with lots of younger guests, the lively Give Me Joy In My Heart is sure to create a party atmosphere on your wedding day.

Lord of the Dance

Another great choice for anyone with guests who are worried they won’t know any of the hymns, Lord of the Dance is a well known and catchy tune that will get your guests in the mood for dancing and celebrating your special day.

At Canas Wedding Long Ago

One of the few hymns that talks directly of romantic love between two people, At Canas Wedding is a sweet and romantic song that’s not too difficult to sing – a great accompaniment for any moment during your wedding.

By Vows of Love Together Bound

Another romantic hymn that extols the virtues of marriage and love, By Vows of Love Together Bound is a popular choice for weddings – particularly the moment where the bride and groom walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

An evocative hymn that’s particularly popular at weddings with connections to the Armed Forces, Make Me a Channel of Your Peace is a devoted ode to peace and love that sets the perfect tone for the start of your married life.

Morning Has Broken

A sweet, inspiring hymn that evokes thoughts of fresh starts and new life, this hymn is a great choice for brides and grooms embarking on their journey together. It’s also available as a popular cover by Cat Stevens for those who want a more contemporary touch.


Top 10 wedding songs

There are many important choices you’ll need to make in the run up to your wedding – what clothes to wear, where to get married, what catering to choose for your guests – but one of the decisions you need to make that’s sure to have a lasting impression on your memories of your special day is what song you choose to dance to for the first time as man and wife. To help you in this difficult decision, we’ve taken some time to put together this list of some of the top wedding songs chosen by couples getting married in the UK.

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

An instantly recognisable hit, this fun party classic has been a popular wedding tune for years. A great one for couples who want an alternative to slower, more traditional wedding songs, this track is sure to get your guests on the dance floor and kick the party off in style.

White Wedding – Billy Idol

Another non-traditional wedding track that nonetheless appears on many wedding playlists year after year is this seminal song from rock musician Billy Idol – a popular choice for brides and grooms looking for something quirky and fun for their first dance.

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

A song choice that’s slower and more suited to a traditional, romantic first dance, Total Eclipse of the Heart still carries just the right degree of nostalgia and cult charm to make it a great wedding choice for couples who want the best of both worlds.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Elton John

A great choice for weddings that will have plenty of younger guests attending, this track is instantly recognisable to many children from the film ‘Lion King’ while still remaining adult and romantic enough for the perfect first dance.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours – Stevie Wonder

Many couples want something a little more unusual for their first dance, and this soul classic from Stevie Wonder is a great choice that’s sure to have guests from all generations joining in the fun.

Eternal Flame – The Bangles

A classic love song and ballad, this timeless offering from the Bangles will be instantly recognised by your guests – a great choice for couples that fancy inspiring a mass sing-along with their first dance.

Crazy In Love – Beyonce

Of course, some couples want a more modern track for their first dance, and Crazy In Love delivers with its addictive hook and strong, empowering female vocals.

Everything I Do (I Do It For You) – Bryan Adams

Some couples just want a fun, cheesy classic for their first dance – and what better choice than Everything I Do, the popular soft rock power ballad that remained at the top of the UK Singles Chart for sixteen consecutive weeks.

Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

A blast from the past that’s still well known enough in 2014 to be an excellent choice for a wedding dance, Al Green’s amazing vocal range and funky beats makes this a choice that goes down well with guests from all generations.

PS I Love You – The Beatles

All the previous tracks a bit too modern for you? To add a real vintage feel to your wedding day, why not choose this classic love song by the Beatles? A simple choice that provides an elegant, understated backdrop to your first dance, it’s a great track for couples who want to get back to basics.


Top 10 Stag Party Ideas

As your friends will be sure to remind you time and again, having a fantastic stag do is an important part of any wedding. And whether you’re a groom-to-be organising your upcoming party or a best man struggling for inspiration, there are plenty of ideas for celebrating that ‘last night of freedom’ in style. From all-out parties to more chilled out relaxing breaks, here is our guide to some of the top stag party ideas:


A classic stag do activity, spending an afternoon paintballing is a great way to release those pre-wedding nerves. There are plenty of venues around the country offering everything from a few hours to whole day packages – so get your friends together and indulge your inner Rambo.


Always fancied yourself as a Ray Mears or a Bear Grylls? With a Bushcraft-themed stag do you can learn plenty of essential survival skills that are sure to impress your bride-to-be. Choose to spend an afternoon learning how to build fires and shelter, or enjoy a whole weekend out in the wilderness with your mates.

VIP Football Package

Got a love for the beautiful game? What better way to celebrate your upcoming wedding than with a VIP visit to see your favourite team in action? Packages typically offer access to plush hospitality lounges, free refreshments and top-quality seats.

Distillery Tour

Is the groom-to-be a whisky lover? Why not embark on a tour of a favourite distillery or two? Offering a great opportunity to combine walking or driving in the stunning Scottish countryside with a chance to sample some of the most delicious single malts in the world, this is a grown-up and sophisticated – yet still fun – way to celebrate a stag.

European City Break

A popular choice for parties that have two or three days to spare, a visit to a European city means you can really let your hair down. Berlin, Prague and Budapest are great for beer and nightlife, while Amsterdam is the ultimate stag party capital.

Beach Holiday

Fancy something a little more sunny? For those with even more time to spare, why not consider a budget break to the sun? Holidays in popular destinations like Ibiza, Spain and the Canary Islands can be bought for insanely low prices, and offer the opportunity to enjoy drinking, dancing and relaxing with your mates in far warmer climates.

Yacht Hire

Want to celebrate in style? Why not charter your own yacht and indulge your inner James Bond for the weekend? Perfect for trips across to the Channel Islands or the Isle of Wight, there are plenty of companies offering fully crewed and catered yachts at surprisingly reasonable prices.

Country House Weekend

While some stag dos are all about beer and parties, this one is a little different – why not play at being lord of the manor for a weekend? Hire one of the grand country houses scattered around the UK and you could fill your days with rural pursuits like hunting, fishing, deer stalking and more – then round the day off with good food and a dram or two around a roaring fire.

Golf Break

Fancy getting in a round or two of your favourite game? Why not choose a golfing-themed stag do? Most of the country’s top golf courses offer stag packages that let you play in a tournament with your friends and take lessons with a pro. Combine your package with local accommodation and you’ll enjoy a break to remember.

Pub Crawl

Another classic stag activity, this is a great choice for anyone whose friends have varying levels of commitment (or stamina!). Pick a route, and maybe a fancy dress theme for fun, and make your way through all your favourite pubs and bars. A great way to spend an evening!


Top 10 Classic Wedding Cars

Every bride and groom wants to look and feel like a celebrity on their special day, which is why so much thought is given to things like wedding dresses, venues, flowers and more. But one of the most important features of your big day – and one of the first things that your guests will see – is your wedding car. Your choice of car will create a lasting impression, so you need to make sure it’s one that says something about you as a couple. For romance, elegance and glamour, why not choose classic wedding car? Here’s our pick of some of the best:

Rolls Royce Phantom (Classic)

First put into production in 1925, the Phantom name has been attached to Rolls Royce’s luxurious cars for generations. The iconic design of a classic Phantom is instantly recognisable, making it a great choice for couples who want a classic car that really makes an impact on their special day.

Bentley MK VI

Out of the many classic Bentleys available to hire, the MK VI is one of the most striking. The first post-war luxury car produced by Bentley, it combines elegant design with a roomy interior that boasts plenty of room for you and your partner to relax before and after the ceremony.

Daimler Limousine

For a more understated, retro classic vehicle for your wedding day, why not check out the Daimler Limousine? Still used as the official state car in many countries around the world, the car creates an almost regal atmosphere and is guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go.

Brandford Elite

Want a car that captures the elegance of the roaring 1920s? The Brandford Elite is a romantic and eye-catching car with enough room for up to six passengers to travel in style. For summer weddings, you can roll the top down and enjoy the feel of the wind in your hair.

Vintage Soft-top Rolls Royce

Carrying on the theme of summer weddings, a soft top Rolls Royce is perfect for travelling to your wedding on a warm and sunny day. With a selection of different models to choose from, a soft-top Rolls Royce combines timeless elegance and glamour with a fun and exciting design that’s sure to get you noticed on your big day.

VW Campervan

Want something a little different? A VW Campervan is a funky and stylish way to transport larger parties in style. With their fun interiors and iconic design features, they combine vintage charm with spacious interiors large enough to carry the entire bridal party.

Beauford Classic

One of the most popular choices for a classic wedding car, the Beauford is a surefire way to make an impressive entrance on your wedding day. Boasting an optional soft top, contrasting colours and a plush, luxurious interior, this car creates a magical environment for your journey to the venue or your first trip as man and wife.


Another popular choice of classic wedding car, the Bramwith boasts an exceptionally roomy interior making it perfect for travelling to the ceremony with all of your loved ones. With elegant coachwork and a leather interior, these vehicles can seat up to 7 people with a roll-top roof at the rear for sunny days.

Bentley S

The first post-war redesign of Bentley’s luxury cars resulted in the elegant Bentley S, a spacious car offering sleek and stylish design for those that want a classic wedding car with a twist. Perfect for classic car enthusiasts and those who want to cause a stir on their wedding day.

Studebaker Dictator

One of the classic luxury cars of the 1920s and 1930s, the Studebaker Dictator offers affordable glamour for brides and grooms looking to travel in style. A vehicle that perfectly captures the romance of a bygone age, a ride in a Studebaker makes the perfect start to married life.