Top 10 wedding car hire questions

A Wedding should be the best day of your life and understandably you want to make it a grand affair. Everyone wants his or her wedding to be a matter of discussion for decades to come. Now a days there is a trend of well formulated wedding themes where every element compliments one another; right from the bride’s dress, to the venue and even the wedding car. Being one of the most expensive and important parts of the entire wedding there are many points to be considered while hiring an ideal wedding car for the big day. Initially, there are many questions that come to mind when it comes to selecting the ideal wedding car. In this article we will try to answer some of the most general questions:

1: How should I choose the right model for the wedding car?

There are a variety of cars to choose from to suit your wedding theme. Choose Vintage for a classic wedding theme or a high end Mercedes model to perfectly complement a luxurious wedding affair. If you have a higher budget on your side why not have your car customized to suit your wildest fantasy. For a unique Victorian wedding theme you could order a car with a Victorian look, or perhaps have a customized Indian chariot if you want to match the luxury of Indian Maharajahs, for instance.

2: How many cars would be enough?

The number of cars generally depends upon the budget available and the number of guests. In most of the cases booking a single car for the couple and a more spacious bus for the guests can be enough! Of course that is the basic requirement, but you can personalize it according to your own requirements and budget. Cars don't come cheap and are not just for flaunting the luxury. So, there should be a justifiable reason behind each car you book. If you have more than enough budget than instead of splurging on cars you can better use it for further enhancing the wedding theme.

3: I want to hire a wedding car but my budget is on a bit lower side?

If your budget does not align with your wedding car fantasy, there is no need to be disappointed. Many wedding car companies offer fairly used cars that might not have a brand new look. But you can look at them as a blank canvas that can be embellished with your creativity. Why not decorate the cars with shiny cloth from rear to back? You could even check with your close acquaintances if they are ready to offer their new cars for a day.

4: How much space should be there in a car?

Make sure that the car is spacious enough to offer a comfortable leg room to all the guests. If a large bridal party will accompany the couple in the car then you might hire a Daimler Limousine. If the couple are the only passengers of the car, then you could go for small 2-seaters like an Austin 10 Cambridge. Our rule of thumb: Space for many passengers and coziness for lovebirds.

5: Someone told me that I should better hire a bus or coach for the guests. Any suggestions?

If you have invited many guests, who live a far distance from the reception venue, then spending individually on multiple cars would end up being very expensive. Arranging a coach or bus for them may prove easier. Besides, it will also save you from the worries of finding a parking space.

6: Can I get any discount, especially if I need only 1 wedding car?

There is more than one way of obtaining discount, you can ask for a discount if you are booking multiple cars from the same company. Some companies also offer loyalty rewards. Check with your recently married acquaintances, from whom they hired their wedding car. Hire the car from the same company stating a reference of your acquaintances. Better still ask them to hire a car for you. Check the social profiles of wedding car companies as many would offer a discount coupon or code for their online clients, but won't reveal the same for their direct (offline) clients. You can also check the discount card companies as they can offer the great deals on multiple service and products including wedding cars. Instead of hiring the wedding car from very first provider you encounter online or offline, ask for quotes from several car companies and go for the most competitive prices.

6: How many guests should ideally accompany the couple?

"The more the merrier" is not always appropriate when you decide on the number of guests accompanying the couple in the car. Generally the bride's father or mother would accompany the couple, and occasionally bridesmaids also join. Avoid high numbers though, ideally 2 guests should accompany, and you might go up to 5 people as a maximum. More than that and the overall point of hiring a separate car for the couple will be invalid.

7: What is the ideal sequence for the reaching and leaving the reception venue?

After the ushers enter the venue, the guests follow. Among the couples, the groom and best man arrive first, followed by bridesmaids and her mother. The real queen of the ceremony arrives at the end with her Father. The couple is the first to leave the reception while the other members of the reception proceed to follow them.

8: I have found a wedding car company and they seem nice and friendly. Should I still ask for written documentation?

Always rely on the written-word regarding the cancellation policy. In fact all the terms and conditions should be on the paper right from costs and insurance plan, to cancellation policy. It is your big day after all, and you wouldn’t like to experience the not-so-pleasant surprises.

9: How to decorate the wedding car? Flashy? Modern? What would you recommend?

Well it depends upon the condition of the car. If you have borrowed the car or hired one that looks a bit aged, you can go creative with the ribbons and design them in such a way that the car is completely recovered. However, for the high-end or brand new models be conservational while decorating your wedding car. A classic car ribbon on the bonnet of the car along with a just married logo is more than enough. In short, cover the wrinkles of aged cars with beautiful tapestry and decoration, and embrace a minimalist look to show the natural beauty of brand new high-end models.

10: Can I drive the wedding myself (self drive) or is it only chauffeur driven?

Most wedding cars are hired chauffeur driven as people prefer to be driven on their wedding day (recommended), however some grooms will hire a self drive sports car / supercar to drive. If you fancy the self drive option then maybe having your best man driving could be a great option.

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