How to entertain wedding guests

Charming and lively guests are one of the most important aspects of any wedding. Its important to ensure your guests are kept feeling happy and empathetic to the occasion. However, there are some exceptions too. You may find that as the wedding goes on people will tend to become disinterested, and its your task to keep your guests entertained. So, we have a few tips to zing up the entire ambience on your wedding and instantly excite your guests, ensuring a memorable time all round:

Quirky Coasters and table design

One of the most creative ways to amuse your guests is to use quirky one-liners or nice little wedding jokes on coasters, or other objects on the tables. In fact, coasters effortlessly attract the eyes because of their position and use. Besides, they are within each guests reading distance. Using humour is an almost effortless way to keep guests entertained at the wedding.

  • Ensure that the content should is short and sweet. A 20 words one-liner or 40-word joke is fine. Crossing that limit would defeat the very objective, as it would take far too long to read, especially as it normally comes as a surprise.
  • Even if you're tempted, never use curvaceous or fancy fonts. Go for a simple font and with maximum legibility.
  • Pictures communicate faster than words. So, it is the best idea to include a little imagery or graphics to the designs.

Encourage your guests to enjoy themselves

The last sight you would like to see at your wedding is the sullen, long or blank faces of guests. So here is the best ways we've found to zing up the guests, encouraging them to communicate, smile and even giggle together.

  • Flat straight rows of chairs are boring. Why not arrange the chairs in interesting geometrical shapes. Arranging in a triangular pattern is a great idea but if you want to be more creative why not go for a star-shaped arrangement? Of course, you are limited only by your imagination. It will also eliminate the distances between guests, both literally and figuratively.
  • You can also allocate a separate corner for the “guest’s performance”. Select some of the best performers among your close friends and relatives. Design a well-shaped performance area, and include and encourage fancy dress, dance and stand-up acts.
  • You can also mention on your wedding card that any guests interested in presenting their creative skills can call you up so that you can schedule and arrange the prerequisites.

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