5 ideal budget wedding themes

While no one should feel guilty about his or her aspirations to enjoy the wedding day in a grand manner, one should also pay attention to the budget. Many people would not pay proper attention towards the budget from the start and then later they are forced to compromise heavily on different aspects of the wedding like decoration, catering or even events. However, if the budget is managed properly, then one can enjoy a wholesome wedding experience without having to compromise. These budget wedding tips could allow you to save a good amount of money on your wedding without compromising the charm of the occasion:

Number of guests

The number of the guests plays a key role in the overall wedding budget. In fact, you need to ensure that you should only be inviting the people who really need to be there. A wedding affair becomes much warmer if attended by choice guests such as close family members, best friends and a few neighbours. Don't let the formality force you to invite business contacts, colleagues (except friends) etc. A wedding filled with many formal guests will make it a very formal affair: plastic smiles, pleasantries, and synthetic conversations while the presence of close friends and family members will further enrich the charm of the wedding and add an authenticity to the whole affair. You can share giggles, jokes and some of the funniest moments with the people you know well and are comfortable with.

Hiring the venue and wedding car

Most couples would first book the venue and hire a wedding car before deciding on other expenses. They have a notion that these are the 2 major expenses while other affairs like catering and events management would not require a very high budget. Some couples may even set aside a lump sum for "other wedding expenses" without much thought. In many cases, they would have to compromise with different aspects, right from decoration to catering and lighting. In fact, it can completely spoil the entire theme of the wedding if a budget is not properly planned out. When the guests arrive at a venue in a limousine, they ought to form a certain idea of decoration and theme settings of the venue. The last thing you want is for your guests to arrive in their Limousine to be greeted by a bare emtpy room lacking in decoration!

Respect your budget constraints

It is always advisable to respect your budget constraints while booking a venue. So you should keep a sufficient margin so that you don't have to compromise on other expenses. There is no point in booking a large venue or hiring luscious wedding cars that would eat into your budget and force you to compromise on decoration and other expenses.

Choose the time and day wisely

The time of booking can also affect the costs. Until or unless there is a strong, specific reason to do so, avoid tying the knot on weekends, especially Saturdays. These are the days when most of the venues generally hike their prices up. Besides, some people may also tie the knot on auspicious occasions like Christmas. But on these days the tariffs are quite high. So the budget compromise here would be to tie the knot on Christmas in the presence of just a few people of family and friends, saving your budget.

Take services of friends

One of the best ways to ensure quality services while saving your money is to hire professionals whom you know very well. Do you have a friend who is a professional photographer? Or do any of your close family member offer musical services? Using services of someone you are well acquainted with will not only ensure quality services due to close relation but will offer you pocket-friendly rates.

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