4 best rustic locations just outside London to arrange your wedding

Tying a knot is the term that means getting married. However, the real affair is far, far complex than just “tying the knot”. In fact it is a knotty affair. You have to look after a variety of tasks. You wouldn’t like to take any chances, right from cuisine till venue, everything should be perfect. Well, speaking of venue, don’t you think that it would be a great idea to tie the knot in romantic, rustic locations with a laidback life. There are a number of wedding planners in the UK offering great venues and full packaged services. But if you really want to enjoy a unique experience and at the same time pleasing your guests, then there are a number of small towns or villages just outside London. Here are 4 best wedding venues outside London:

1: St Albans, Hertfordshire, within 25 minutes from Central London

St. Albans is a small town that can be reached within 30 minutes from central London. The town itself has less than 70,000 residents, yet it still retains the charm of Old London while offering the required modern facilities, right from a huge number of parks to a fully fledged street market. Choose St Albans if you need a place that exudes the rustic charm, a community mindset and makes you feel privileged. If you are looking for ideal romantic settings to tie the knot, then this is the best location for you.

2: East Grinstead, West Sussex, within 1 hour from London

If you want to say “I Do”, in an atmosphere that sinks deep into the history books, then East Grinstead is highly recommended for you. The place has a quaint, laidback character and is beautifully populated with century old buildings, some of them going as far back as the 14th century. With a population of just 25,000, East Grinstead offers an authentic experience and will warmly welcome tany new guests. A word of warning, though: you may get addicted to the place!

3: Tring, Hertfordshire, within one 50 minutes form London

If you are a water baby who wants to enjoy the pristine, subtle scent of country waters, then this is the best place for you to start lifes journey with your better half. This lively town lies in the lap of Chiltrens, 30 miles from the capital. The surroundings are beautifully studded with water bodies, such as reservoirs and canals. An old windmill with a poetic character further enhances the experience. Expect some pristine moments here that will keep on enthralling you for many years to come.

4: Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, Within 55 minutes from London

If you want to experience the community spirit and firmly believe in the saying that Joy increases tenfold when shared, then this is the right place for you. With a small population of 9000 locals, the place is full of real people, folks who are helpful, cordial and great to hang out with. What’s more, the prices here don’t pinch either.

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