Things to remember to design a perfect wedding

The wedding is one of the most beautiful events in life, everyone wants to celebrate it in a grand way. Some will spend hefty amounts to book the perfect wedding venue, while the others would hire luxurious wedding cars at astronomical rates. However, as a wedding is a grand event, a small error on your side can spoil the charm. So, we have a few key wedding management tips that would prevent you from making any costly mistakes:

Surprise is not (always) good

The groom may want to give his bride a surprise by hiring wedding car that is completely different from what she might be expecting! While, that may sound fun, you need to be careful here. If she already has a specific wedding car model on her mind, then she would not appreciate your "surprise", to say the least….and you wouldn't like to start your journey with your bride wearing an unhappy look would you?

Budget matters

Budget is the most important factor to consider while planning your wedding. In fact, you would need to devote a few days to shaping your wedding to suit your budget. Make a list of different wedding expenses, from selecting a wedding venue to hiring a wedding car and transport. Take multiple quotations for each service, communicate with companies and lenders via email. Shortlist companies offering reasonable prices and do some legwork to ensure their quality standards match your expectations. Remember you can nearly always negotiate a good price with smaller companies who need the business!

Choose the wedding theme wisely

As many wedding events in the UK are following a variety of wedding themes, you need to be very careful when choosing the right theme to suit you. You have to take into account every big and small aspect. While the couple will most likely hold a long discussion on choosing the right venue, parents or siblings' aspirations are generally not taken into account. For example, if you are keen on an ultra modern wedding theme, but your mother is a devout Christian, she may not be able to fully involve herself with the ceremony. So when you discuss with your bride regarding your wedding Venue, consider involving your parents and siblings, so that they too can enjoy your wedding.

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