Wedding limo hire - Finding the right limousine

When choosing a limo for your wedding car, you need to make sure you do it right. The wedding car is one of the most important factors on your wedding day and it can make or break your big day.

You may want your limo featured in your wedding photos so you want it to look good and you want it to be the exact model you have been dreaming about. You also need to rely on the limo to transport you and your wedding party on the big day so it also needs to be reliable.

So to ensure your wedding day goes smoothly, do your research on you limo and limo hire company. Firstly, start looking for your dream limo around six months before the wedding date. This ensures you get the type you want and it will give you extra time to research the limo hire company.

Make sure you stick to your wedding car budget. It is easy to get carried away when looking at the variety of limos out there but do you really need a 20 seater party bus to get you to the church? Your budget also needs to take into account that many limo rental companies will have a minimum hire time, usually three hours. While you may not like paying for the limo to wait outside the church, you are getting a piece of mind that it will be there when you come out.

While your budget may dictate the size of the limo you hire, also consider the number of people. Many limousines which are rated to carry eight passengers, do not account for bridesmaid's dresses or large bridal gowns. Therefore, book a slightly larger limo than you think you'll need so everyone arrives comfortable and crease-free.

With all of this in mind, you should be looking forward to a smooth ride on your wedding day. For more information about limousines available as your wedding cars, contact UK's leading wedding car rental company, now and arrive in true style.

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