Wedding Insurance

However well you plan your wedding there is always that niggle in the back of your mind, telling you that it will all go pear-shaped at the last minute.

Having to part with so much money to get hitched you need to make sure that your money is spent as an investment, not a regret.

Luckily for you there is now an ever-growing panel of wedding insurers, there to support you in those unfortunate times of crisis.

Not only does obtaining wedding insurance make financial sense but it also provides the bride and groom with a peace of mind, secure in the thought that they have spent their wedding budget wisely.

With so much purchased, from wedding cars and dresses to venues and food, the wedding insurance is just pennies when considered, a safeguarding measure that brides in particular are passionate about purchasing.

The most common payout, says John Lewis, is for "supplier failure". If you have a caterer or a musician let you down at the last minute, John Lewis will be sure to reimburse you for the service.

John Lewis has been named as one of the brides favourite choices for wedding insurance, using the trusted name as a wedding disaster safety net.

Where these kinds of issues are rare they are not unheard of, with wedding horror stories instilling fear in happy couples throughout the UK.

So, when thinking �is it worth getting wedding insurance?', listen to our advice and shop around to receive the best deal.

There are many comparison sites you can use when looking to purchase wedding insurance but be sure to read through your whole policy.

Reading the finer details is very important, understanding fully what your wedding insurance covers. If you are insistent on insuring your wedding dress or your honeymoon,be sure to place focus on these details when making your wedding insurance enquiry.

By giving the insurer an insight into the kind of wedding you have organised they can create a bespoke policy that best suits your celebration.

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