How Long Should I Hire a Wedding Car For?

wedding cars play a huge role in any wedding celebration, being an interesting talking point amongst guests. With the entrance being one of the highlights of the day the car you choose says a lot about your wedding as a whole. Being one of the most exciting parts of the celebration many brides and grooms get pretty attached to their wedding cars, wanting to enjoy them for a lot longer than just a few hours. This is why at we offer a variety of wedding car packages, helping happy couples make the most of this important occasion.

Hire a wedding car for the whole day

With so many trips to do on your big day it is worth hiring a chauffeur car for the whole 24 hours, taking you to and from each venue of the day as well as to the airport for your honeymoon.

Weekend hire

It is now a popular option to wait a week or so before going off on your honeymoon, spending some time with friends and family before jetting off into the sunset. This also allows couples to enjoy their wedding car for a good few days before handling it back, reliving those precious journeys of the most important day ever.

Self-drive wedding cars

For complete control over your wedding transport it may be an idea to hire a self-drive vehicle, enjoying getting behind the wheel of a stunning vehicle. Some of our self-drive vehicles include Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and Bentley models, only hiring out high-end vehicles for wedding celebrations.

To learn more about wedding car hire call us today and speak with one of our wedding transport advisors.

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