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Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Limo

You normally hire a Limo to enjoy a memorable experience. There are many things that constitute a Limo experience, right from interior decoration to the fabric of the seat cover. The experience does hold a great importance here. Based on its versatile experience an established company would take care of the nicities that can craft a memorable experience. It could even offer you some valuable advice to further enhance your guests’ experience and offer them some fun-filled precious moments. Though it doesn’t mean that the new companies would spoil your experience, it is perfectly alright to bias towards the reputed established companies if your don’t want to take any chance. We have compiled a list of a few things to look out for when hiring a Limo from ANY company, old or new:

Health & Safety

We know it sounds boring, but its really important! While you would expect to have a blast of fun when you hire limo services, you should also be considerate towards the health and safety policies of the company. A few things that you would like to know are: qualification and total experience of the driver, number of years the company has been offering its Limo services, liability insurance and its specifications, availability of required documents like license, and other state documentation for legal purposes. Couple this with ensuring you read their rules thoroughly to avoid extra charges, you will ensure a safe, memorable experience.

Old or New?

If you are keen on hiring a limo on a budget without comprmisong with the quality and experience then you can check with some new companies. However, avoid just any company. Go for the companies that are run by professionals. In fact, many professionals, after gaining a considerable experience in the industry, would start their own company. In many cases, they would like to offer much more economical rates in order to attract clients. It is much more feasible for them, than to spend a huge amount in advertising. However, as the people who run the company hold a vast and diverse experience of Limo rental services, you shouldn’t have any hesitation in hiring cheap limo services from these companies. All you have to ensure is to vet the claims and ask for references. Also ensure that the chauffeur holds a good experience in driving limos- not just a car, but Limousines. This way you would be able to save a good amount without compromising your experience.

Be Specific

Apart from the general information like venue, tiem and budget you should also render a clear information about: Will the Limo needs to collect the group from different venues or will everyone gather at a single venue? In the case of the former, what are the different locations from where the group will have to be collected? The exact date and time of your event and would you also want to be collected after the event is finished? Being specific with ALL details of the event will mean the quote you are given will be as accurate as possible.

Pay a deposit

Despite all their claims, a booking reserved without any upfront payment is only as secured as an empty car in a public parking place with its keys left on the dashboard. So it would be great to pay some amount towards the hiring charges. This way the company will be bound to reserve the car for you on a particular day, even if they are getting a more lucrative offer for renting the same model on the same day to a different client. Without a deposit, you have no rights when they resale that car to someone who is willing to pay upfront, so make sure you pay a deposit.

Allow extra time

It is always possible that the driver might have some difficulty in reaching your home. He might have to juggle through a traffic jam or may just have a difficult time navigating through your street. Hence it is a good idea to give him the contact numbers and address details of several people of the group, to allow the driver to coordinate the pickup as smoothly as possible. Aside from that you can also share alternate contact options too like whatsapp numbers and email addresses. Sometimes calling up while one is struck in traffic jam is not possible due to UK driving laws, other times the network may choose to play up or disappear entirely. In that case, an alternate contact method like email or whatsapp can help.

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