Tips to find the best wedding cars

Your wedding day is the biggest day of one’s life. It is the day when a person can officially share his or her life with the better half. Understandably, people would love to make it the most memorable day of the life and hence go for the best ways to enjoy this unique experience. Right from fine dining till welcome of the guests, everything is carefully looked after. Hiring the wedding car is one such activity that requires one to be extremely cautious in order to enjoy the best experience and avoid any inconvenience. Here are a few tips to ensure that you would not end up making any costly mistakes while selecting the car:
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Number Matters

Even before you start selecting for the exact model of the car, you need to ensure the number of the passengers. Whether it is only the wedding couple or someone from the friends or family will also accompany them. If the wedding couple are the only passengers of the car then you can go for the small cosy models like: Daimler Saloon. Apart from being more economical these cars also offer certain nearness as opposed to the big cars that are too much spacious for a couple.

However, if the family and friends will also accompany the couple then you can go for a bigger car like Daimler 7/8 Saloon that allows all the passengers a sufficient legroom and high level of comfort

No every person is crafted in a standard manner. Some are overweight while others can be extremely tall. So, you should ensure that the car should be especially convenient for the individual body type of the passengers so that they shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

In the same way the individual needs should be taken care of even if only the couple is travelling by the car, especially if the car is being driven by the groom or the bride. The driver seat should be comfortable for their height and driving style. Some quick fixes can be practised like an extra cushion if the height is a tad smaller than ideally required height. But if the difference is much it would be inconvenient for both bride and eth groom

Choose the right model

wedding car plays an important role in the overall wedding theme. An old model, though beautiful, would be a complete mismatch to the modern wedding theme for instance. Hence the car should perfectly match with the overall theme

Choosing the right colours

There are a number of colours that can be chosen from, right from romantic pink to strong Black. Choose the colour that either complements your dress or be in the harmony with your wedding theme. However, sometimes it might happen that you have set a heart on a particular model but its colour is does not compliments your wedding theme. In such cases, if the budget allows you can also have the car re-sprayed in your favourite colour. While people do see the models of the car before selecting, the car isn’t just a showpiece. It has an important functional value and you should take a test drive along with your better half. You criteria for choosing an ideal car should go beyond the looks or colour. Check for the road experience, drive quality and even the fuel efficiency especially if you have to travel long distance or want to opt for a rustic theme. It is best to have a prior knowledge of a particular model instead of getting surprised.

Check for the booking details

One thing that people generally assume is that the car would be booked for the wedding the entire day. Reality, however, is that some companies might book the same car for 2 events on the same day. Though reputed companies wouldn’t do that, in rare cases even if they do they will inform you’re beforehand. But some companies wouldn’t inform you about that and at the nth time they may start you up to free up the car by a definite time. It wouldn’t only be inconvenient but embarrassing at the same time. Hence being it your big day it is advised not to work the assumptions but to go for the well informed decisions.

Test the Chauffeur

A car might be a delight to the eyes but it is the chauffeur who would craft your experience. Hence you shouldn’t only insist on meeting the chaffier but also tells have a ride by him so that you can have the best experience of his driving ability and style. If you are planning for a big route the chaffier should also have the knowledge of the best routes offering bets scenic beauty.

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