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Price plays a huge role in the limits in which you can take your wedding to, with tight budgets often restricting people from planning the wedding of their dreams. At wedding car hire we believe this to be unfair, doing our best to arrive at competitive rates for all of our customers. As a national operator we boast the ability to bring cars to you from all over the country, allowing us to compare various hire packages on your behalf. In doing so we can cater to all types of budgets, making sure people celebrate the weddings they deserve.

The time and date of your wedding

The date you choose to wed also plays a part in the amount you will be charged for wedding car hire, with summer months infamously busy for the whole wedding industry. As a result prices go up, with availability being hugely affected.

The vehicle you choose

With such an eclectic range of vehicles here at Wedding Car Hire we an offer everything from new Rolls Royce chauffeur cars to vintage limousines, ensuring we can provide solutions to fit all tastes and pockets. The price given for wedding car hire has a lot to do with the model selected, with various brands, marques and aged vehicles generating varied quotations. At Wedding Car Hire we offer can offer competitive rates for the following types of vehicles:

From classic Princess cars, to vintage open top Beauford cars, be sure that we can make your wedding transport visions become realities. Contact us today and learn more about cheap wedding car hire.

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