Things to remember for a perfect winter wedding experience

Though many people have a special inclination towards winter, it is not always the right weather to tie the knot, especially if you are from London. The wedding event generally takes place during the night and freezing wind makes it nearly impossible to allow the guests to enjoy outdoors. Even they would prefer to sit in cosy buildings rather than enjoy a stroll outside. But worry not! By following the tips below you can actually recreate the natural charm and bring a real feel of winter inside the building:

Bring the magic "In"

Nothing can characterise a winter wedding as much as the warm décor. In fact designing a perfectly ideal winter theme for your wedding is not rocket science. There are some specific things that are closely associated with winter weddings. You just need to use them creatively in order to offer a warm feeling to your guests. Fluffy furnishings, firewood, and low lighting are just a few of the elements that allow the guests to enjoy the pleasant ambience of winter even while sitting inside in a warm atmosphere.

For maximum impact, you can also decorate the entire venue with winter specific flowers, to enhancing the character of the entire theme. Ensure that the darkness should not give a gloomy look to your wedding. For the best impact, you can choose to leave the corners dark while lighting up the middle of the venue.

Go For Rustic Theme

A Rustic theme is the best theme to go for while deciding to tie the knot during winter. In fact, the basic elements of a rustic theme are really winter specific: wood, fireplace, flowers, absence of lighting and a subdued ambience. The only exception here is fluffy furnishing but you can easily compromise on that. After all, Marriage is all about compromise.

Vintage wedding cars

Only Hire wedding cars that perfectly compliment the winter wedding theme. The ideal wedding cars for winters are vintage cars. These cars with their dated look, cosy appeal and higher proportions seem to be all "dressed ‘up" to ward off the winters. For the best impact, you can hire vintage Rolls Royce cars that are blessed with royal looks and good old world appeal!

Add some more sweetness with honey

Honey is succulent, sweet and warm. Place well-crafted honeypots on each table along with small bowls with honey ladles. This would not only look great, but will also provide a treat to guests with a sweet tooth.

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