What to gift a bride and groom

Wedding gifts have always been a touchy subject according to Brides and Grooms, nervous that they may seem unappreciative when they receive something unwanted. Even though gifts are meant to be thoughtful and exciting, they can sometimes be a burden.

In the olden days’ people didn’t move in together until they were legally married, however we as a nation have significantly changed. It is for this reason that traditional wedding gifts are sometimes not required, with toasters and kettles having been purchased ages before the nuptials.

With the idea of wedding traditions taking a new shape, wedding gifts should be evolved by now.

We at wedding car hire have first hand experience within the wedding industry, understanding what Brides and Grooms really do want on their big day. One of those details is a luxurious and beautiful wedding motor.

wedding cars are not just a method of transport for newlyweds, but is a brilliant incorporation into a special day.

Providing the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs, the wedding car is a vital part of each and every wedding day.

If you are a guest and are wondering what to buy for the Bride and Groom, then why not arrange some wedding transport for them?

Whether they are arranging a traditional wedding car, or more of a modern approach, be sure to take a look at our fleet.

Contact us and discuss your wedding gift options with a member of our team.

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