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Travelling to Your Liverpool Wedding

One of the biggest anxieties of booking a wedding car is the contemplation that they will not get us to the venue on time, putting the whole day in jeopardy. Traffic is a major concern when strategically planning the biggest day of your entire life!

If you are getting married in Liverpool before July of next year then you may be in luck. A nine-month experiment has begun to chart the way the city travels without separating bus lanes from normal lanes. This has caused a conflict in opinions amongst councilors and local MP's.

The city council is to study the flow of traffic during the trial, which follows mayor, Joe Anderson, claiming that bus lanes do not work for the better of motorists.

Norman Baker, the previous transform minister to him, spoke of fears that the experiment could lead to a fall in the number of bus passengers and cause even more congestion on the road. This worry is mirrored by the transport industry groups also.

A spokesman for its trade association, The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK says the "point of bus lanes is to allow operators to run on time�, this trial could cause "congestion and roadworks".

He continued, "by running on time, bus operators hope to attract people out of cars, reducing congestion and helping the environment".

In the closing stages of this nine-month time span, the council will assess what changes have been made and the effectiveness of these alterations.

A Green Party Councilor said "The city center movement strategy designed to keep cars round the edge of the city has been torn up on the Mayor's whim," he said.

Mr Coyne also claimed that the only people who will back this are motorists who "view the world from the windscreen of their car".

"keeping the city moving for our motorists, businesses, residents, commuters and visitors is absolutely vital, so it's important we take a proper look at this".

"While we don't have extensive data, the evidence we do have suggests that bus lanes are not benefiting the city as planned, that they are not leading to an increase in bus usage, and that they may actually be making congestion worse.

"This trial is about getting the data we need so we can make an informed decision over this important issue."

So, when booking your wedding car always keep timing at the front of your agenda! Our drivers are kept up to date with traffic news and arrive in advance to ensure the passenger arrives in style and in plenty of time.

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