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The Smooth Running Wedding

As a bride, the main objective is for your precious day to run smoothly with the only hiccups being completely champagne related. All eyes must be relaxed and focused on the key signifier of the glorious occasion, which is the glowing bride.

They ensure the days brilliance with strategic planning, checks and rehearsals, praying and begging that there are no embarrassing slipups. No pressure then! Each wedding has to have an element of extravaganza that will allow them to stand out and be the star of their celebratory show.

People will go so far to ensure this element of surprise that it is often not worth the outcome. Ms Cadman of Wiltshire came face to face with one of these epic wedding fails. In an attempt to instill a component of lavishness she organised an innovative ring bearer for her special day.Knowing her husband held a passion for falcons she sent for a feathered friend to be an outlandish incorporation to the wedding.

Sonia Cadman, 46, andAndrew Mattle, 49 got married at the Holy Cross Church in Sherston, Wiltshire.It was here where the ring bearer took an alterative agenda for the day, rather than fleeing to the arm of his trainer, he took to the rafters to enjoy an impromptu knap. This obviously put the ceremony on hold, taking focus away from the bride and her day.

This is devoid of anything that a bride would coin idyllic. The best way to construct a successful wedding is with great transport and tasty food. These are the two �wow' factors that everyone is really there for. That first moment when the bride steps out of that Bentley or Rolls Royce, all eyes are fixated. Cars such as the Rolls Royce Phantom will implant finesse in the day. Wedding Car Hire offers a range of classic and modern motors to make the day an occasion all will remember. Wedding Car Hire provides fantastic service to make sure there are no breakdowns, car or bride.

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