Wedding planning: Top reasons to hire a chauffeur

Couples often refer to chauffeurs as the word ‘driver’ whilst organising their wedding transport. However, we at wedding car hire believe that the two don’t mean the same thing. Every couple, especially the bride, wants to make a grand entrance on her wedding day, and this is why we believe that our luxurious cars are a hit amongst couples across the country.

With weddings costing £11,000 on average, we at wedding car Hire believe that you should be making the most of your money and booking a chauffeur the same time as your wedding vehicle. There aren’t only perks to hiring a wedding vehicle, but there are numerous benefits from hiring a chauffeur to go with it. Below we’ve listed some of the major benefits to hiring one of our wedding travel chauffeurs.

Relax in style

For a bride, a chauffeur can really eliminate the stress of arriving at your wedding ceremony promptly. Additionally, there’s the point to be made about even finding your way to the reception. A chauffeur will know the best route to take so that you don’t need to worry about wedding navigation. They would have even checked parking opportunities in advance, saving you the trouble.

Get the Royal treatment

By hiring a chauffeur, you are instantly heightening the elegance and glamour of your wedding day. It adds a sense of occasion to your event. After all, how often do you have the car door opened for you?

Time together

Between socialising and laughter, your wedding day is sure to pass in a blur. By hiring a chauffeur, you will get a few precious moments alone together whilst driving to the reception. You should indulge on your wedding day, and what more extravagant than sitting in the back seat of a luxurious vehicle, sipping on a glass of champagne as you are both driven to your wedding reception by one of our private chauffeurs.

We at wedding car hire feel that by hiring a chauffeur for your wedding transport, you are adding a vital part of wedding perfection to your special jigsaw.

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