Top five convertible wedding cars for grooms

Whilst most brides take order of the wedding planning, transport is where grooms usually really enjoy the process. Most grooms are very eager to impress with their arrival, with many opting for convertible wedding cars to really exude luxury. Whether you are a groom that’s working with a modern, vintage, traditional or novelty theme, we at wedding car hire have a convertible perfect for you.

Ferrari 360

If you are a groom that has something fast in mind, then we highly suggest you think about hiring the Ferrari 360. This is the car that numerous grooms are opting for to take them to and from various venues of their wedding day. This car is available in red, which with a bit of decoration could match any theme you and your partner have chosen for your big day. It’s also guaranteed that this car will certainly impress your guests for various different reasons.

Jaguar F Type

While being chauffeured is a brilliant thought, many grooms do prefer to get behind the wheel and really enjoy this model. We at wedding car Hire allow grooms to choose whichever car they wish and really experience the car of their dreams. The Jaguar F Type is a fabulous choice for this, and certainly makes heads turn.

1927 Vintage Rolls Royce Soft Top

You may be a groom that needs to choose according to a traditional/vintage theme. If this sounds like you then perhaps you should consider the 1927 Vintage Rolls-Royce Soft Top, which is absolutely beautiful on the eye and perfect for a wedding. Why not save some money by hiring this car for yourself and your best man to the wedding ceremony, and yourself and the bride for the trip to the reception? That way both newlyweds can enjoy this fantastic vehicle.

Hire a pair of your choice

If any of the cars above sounds like the one for you on your wedding day, then why not treat your best man to a motor of his own? You could hire two of your choice and both of you arrive at the wedding ceremony whilst driving superb convertibles. This would certainly impress all of your guests, and most importantly, your bride. What a fabulous opportunity for a wedding photograph as well!

For a quote on any of our wedding cars, contact us today!

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