Preparing yourself for your wedding day..

All weddings are unique, with each bride and groom wanting to bring something new to the table. With so many different to-dos organisation is key, ensuring you cover everything you need to, influencing a successful wedding celebration.

Although being the most joyous juncture in your life it is imperative that you have the right attitude to preparation.

Where many brides think of preparation as solely centred on their hair and beauty regimes for the day there is a whole list of things that need to be constantly revised up to the very day you become man and wife.

At wedding car hire we have put together a list of suggestions for preparing yourself for the big day.


It is essential that you have a great support network around you, with friends and family being there to help you make the right decisions in the best time. With your mother, best friends and close members of the family knowing you more than anyone is can be very beneficial to have their input throughout the process.

By creating a wedding calendar you can implement timescales in which tasks have to be completed, ensuring things like your invites, wedding cars, beautician as well as your caterers are all prepared for the big day.


Appearance is a huge deal for the bride, being the only day where it is permitted to be slightly vain about their look. From hair and make-up to attire and weight, the bride can feel like the weight of the world is on her shoulders when preparing to tie the knot.

Where many feel the pressure to lose weight before walking down the aisle we suggest that you join the gym. This will help you feel healthy and fit, allowing you to feel happy with your body and fit into the dress with ease. This will also take the pressure off of your diet, with many brides-to-be experimenting with unhealthy fad diets in order to loose the pounds before they wed.


So, your wedding invitations have been sent, featuring all the information your guests need to get to the venue on time. Although you may think you have crossed your guests off the list in regards to preparing them for the day you are far from finished.

It is worth always keeping a trail of dialogue between your guests, calling them up a few days before the big day to ensure they are still coming, reminding them of the plans, colour schemes and so on.


Transport plays an integral part in the success of the wedding day, being the inclusion that defines the type of wedding that is being celebrated. Conveying the image of the celebration you want to make sure your wedding cars are all in order, needing to book your cars in early with the help of a wedding car expert.

If you would like Wedding Car Hire to help with the preparation of your wedding transport then feel free to contact us today.