Planning a fairytale wedding

Have you always dreamed of getting married in a full on fairy tale wedding? Whilst the popular trend these days leans towards minimalist festivities, there are always a few couples who wish to marry with the full works. So, how can you enjoy a fairy tale wedding without collapsing under too much stress and a ridiculous budget?

First, you should decide which elements of your wedding are the most important to you. Do you have your heart set on making an astonishing entrance? If so, getting the right outfit is you key to leaving lasting impressions, so maybe you should consider visiting your local dress maker with some inspiration photos from the internet. Once you have got the outfits sorted, be sure to let us at wedding car hire know when we can get started and organise your transport. Whether you want a beautiful and glamorous Rolls Royce or a sleek Ferrari limousine, there is definitely something to suit everyone on absolutely any budget.

Or maybe your dream wedding concentrates on the venue? Whilst it is possible to hire a real castle, these venues do tend to blow majority of couple’s budget. For those that are on a smaller budget, why not choose a more modest venue such as a hotel or decorate a barn. All of these venues will feature as amazing backdrops to your wedding photos, especially with a luxurious vehicle parked right outside.

Finally, there are numerous simple finishing touches you can add to your wedding day. These include clever flower arrangements, and top of the notch table décor.

Regardless of your preferences, be sure to hire one of our vehicles. Our fleet boasts numerous impressive features and models, guaranteed to make your fairy tale theme absolutely perfect. Contact us today for a no obligation quote!

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