Looking good on your Wedding Day..

Looking beautiful on your wedding day requires more than just a good makeup artist. A radiant bride shines from the inside from health and happiness. In the months leading up to your wedding, as well as your regular beauty regime of exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising, make sure you and your partner are eating well, sleeping well, getting enough exercise and drinking plenty of water.

Back on the outside, if you colour your hair, do it about a week before the wedding to allow settling time. If you don't normally, put a semipermanent colour in to even out sun bleached hair and give extra shine. If your hair is dry, give it a nourishing treatment and if it is fine or limp, use a volumising shampoo in the week leading up to the wedding.

On top of your regular facial cleansing, it is recommended that you start getting regular facials in the six months leading up to the wedding to even out skin tone and leave it looking radiant. Also, on the morning of your wedding, use a hydrating mask to hydrate and tighten your skin.

Here is a step by step timeline to have you looking beautiful in six months - six months before the wedding you will need to start meeting with your hairdresser to decide on the hair and makeup styles you want. Start having regular manicures to condition your nails and if you have open toed wedding shoes also book in monthly pedicures. Look after your hands and nails in between by continually moisturising them. Talk to your beauty therapist about eyebrow shape as you may need to let them grow, also start waxing to ensure smoothness down the track.

Three months before start using an exfoliating body mitt from head to toe. Also organise your hair and makeup trials, including the positioning of your veil or tiara. As you skin regenerates every 28 days, book in for monthly facials to guarantee a healthy glow.

One to two weeks before, have your eyelashes tinted and a weekly manicure, moisturise dry feet and heels and have your hair coloured and cut one last time.

One to two days before the wedding, book yourself and your partner in for a full body exfoliation to remove dead skin and your stress. Have your eyebrows shaped and any last waxing touch ups done too.

Everyone's skin is different so talk to your beauty therapist about any special treatments you may need. Otherwise, take spare makeup, moisturiser and tissues with you on the day and glow like the princess you are.

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