Top ways to WOW your wedding guests

Of course, every aspect of your wedding is important. The gown, cake and centrepieces all contribute to your amazing day, although so do your guests. So, taking care of them is one of the main factors to bare in mind whilst hosting your wedding. Here at wedding car hire, we understand that catering for all guests of different ages and styles can sometimes be tricky, so we’ve put together some of our top tips for making sure you WOW your wedding guests and making your wedding the most talked about of the year.

Make the drinks interactive

If you have a dessert or cocktail bar which allows your guests to customize their own bits it can prove to be a really interactive and fun wedding activity. You could go simple and have a champagne bar before the toasts, that way the guests have their very own unique drink right in time for the groom to make his speech.

Help break the ice with a friends and family seating chart

Get dinner conversation flowing by highlighting how they are connected. This can range from areas of living, jobs, family ties etc. This is a massively creative way of breaking the ice between the ones who haven’t already met.

Take care of them with reception ushers

You may have already planned ceremony ushers, but have you thought about reception ushers? Their roles would be to walk guests to their allocated tables and lessen the stressful few minutes where everyone is wondering around not able to find their allocated seat. You could always ask if the waiting staff of the venue could do this duty, that would be another very helpful thing to tick off your list.

Make it social

Guests are definitely going to be on their phone at some point during your wedding day, so why not make it part of the celebration? Make a wedding hashtag and so everyone else who couldn’t make the day will enjoy seeing everyone’s pictures and live photos. Whether it’s a bathroom mirror selfie or a cake face smash, it will be a fun little element to add to your special day.

Shuttle them in style with creative transport

Majority of couples have different venues to for their ceremony and reception, so why not make transport a part of the fun by renting a cool mass of transport for your guests? Customize the rides with an amped party playlist to get everyone in the mood for your reception. Here at wedding car Hire, we cater for every individual that’s involved in any themed wedding. From the bride and groom, to your distant cousin’s partner, we’ve got the perfect transport for everyone. Our range includes mini buses, limos, Rolls-Royces, Aston Martins, you name it, we’ve got it.

To enquire about any of our transport hire options be sure to contact us today.

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