Cut back on cash with a DIY wedding

With the usual wedding costing up to £18,000, yes you heard right, it is easy to understand why couples are increasingly avoiding tying the knot and spending the money on more practical life accessories. However, it is definitely possible to organise and enjoy the wedding you have always dreamed of without breaking the bank. We suggest that this is done through a DIY wedding, check out our top tips below.

Many couples are opting to get married in a grand hotel or country house these days, but there are so many venue options to choose from. Majority of these are at a fraction of the cost. We suggest that you search your local area for a field that you can hire for a good price. You can rent a marquee in order to make the location weather proof, or go even cheaper with some borrowed tents and shelter. You could glam this up with numerous fairy lights and bunting.

When it comes to the little extras you wish to have to spice up your day, do not be afraid to ask the help of creative friends. For wedding entertainment, ask around your social circles. We guarantee that someone you know will be in contact with a good band or DJ. The same works for catering. A buffet style dinner can be put together quickly, avoiding all the costs that come with three course dining.

Last but not least, it is important that you arrive on time! Take a look at our fleet of luxury vehicles, available to hire across the UK for reasonable prices and deals. Your wedding day is something to remember and enjoy with your friend and family. As long as there is food on the table, good entertainment and you all arrive on time, it does not matter if your wedding costs a couple of hundred pounds, or a few thousand pounds.

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