A guide to matching your wedding dress with your transport

For any bride-to-be the dress is the most important feature of their wedding, needing it to be absolutely perfect for the most special day of their life. However, many brides can find the whole ‘dress finding’ process extremely stressful, with so many shapes, sizes and styles available. Additionally, many want to match the dress according to the theme, sticking to the same feel for the wedding transport too. This may be done through colour or theme.

We at wedding car hire thought we would give you a little help with this process, creating a guide that will assist you through your shopping process for both dress and transport.


The theme of your wedding must be expressed through your dress, and absolutely everything in your wedding should sing off the same hymn sheet. For example, if you are planning a throwback wedding you may want to purchase a vintage themed dress. To match this with your transport for the ultimate look to your wedding, we recommend one of our Vintage Sovereign’s, 1927 Vintage Rolls Royce Soft Top’s or a classic Bentley.


The colour of your wedding dress is worth thinking about very carefully. Many feel that white dresses should be preserved for more innocent women, although it is completely up to you which colour dress you choose. Of late we are seeing more brides match their wedding dress colour to the wedding car they choose. This is mainly to optimise the look in wedding photographs.

We at wedding car hire have a fleet of different vehicles available to hire for your wedding day. All of our motors are available to hire across the UK. Locations include Bath, Bristol, London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and many more.

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