Wedding Tips and advice for the Groom

As the groom you may think thatall you need to do on your wedding day is arrive in a black suit and 'Don't be late!'

However, depending on the style you have chosen for your wedding, a traditional black tuxedo may not be appropriate. There are a variety of colours and accessories available for the modern groom, including vests, neckwear, cufflinks and shoes. While you want to ensure that you and your groomsmen compliment the colours and styles of your bride and her bridesmaids, you still have to be comfortable, because if you feel comfortable and relaxed it will reflect on the day and in the photos.

Wedding Advice

Make sure you take care of your whole outfit, including your shoes by polishing and shining them to complete the look and set the standard for your groomsmen. You'll also be wearing them all day so break them in before the big day and scruff up the soles. Your job is also to encourage your groomsmen to scrub up for your wedding to create uniformity in the photographs. You may even want to provide each groomsmen with a pair of matching socks for the wedding.

You may want to go for a different hair style for your wedding day, but don't make this decision lightly. Choose a style that will be easy to manage and will hold up all day. Also, if you are changing your style, don't get it cut differently the day before the wedding. Have the hairdresser cut your hair in the new style several times to ensure you're happy with it and it looks natural.

You should moisturise regularly anyway, as you will find moisturised skin more comfortable and smoother looking. When shaving, have a fresh blade ready for the wedding day. Even though shaving should be the last thing you do on the day, take your time, rinse your skin well afterwards and apply moisturiser.

You will need a good deodorant to keep you dry all day, as well as a good Eau de Toilet which will keep its scent most of the day while an aftershave will wear off. When you get up on your wedding day, brush your teeth and use a mouthwash, then do the same before you get dressed, you may even want to take a mouth spray for touch ups throughout the day. This way you'll be talking, smiling and kissing your way through the day with perfectly fresh breath.

There are many services out there to help the modern groom look and feel his best, you don't want to let your bride-to-be down by looking shabby - it's your day too.

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