Wedding Car Limo Hire Top Tips

Test out your ride

Always take a test ride in your chosen hire vehicle wherever possible, even if it comes at a small extra fee. Once you have experienced the test ride and you are satisfied with it, you can be assured of the working condition and driving ease of the car. We advise you note down the registration of the vehicle when you chose it to ensure you get the same one on the big day.

Some providers have perfectly working units that are employed only for offering test rides. But they would send other units of the same model for the event. If you wouldn’t like to experience a not-so-pleasant surprise, you can tell the company in advance to offer you the same unit that you used for your test ride.

Perfect timing

It is always best to have a margin of at least 15-20 minutes before pickup. So if you expect the Limo to arrive at 8pm, ensure that the passengers are ready at 7.40pm. You can never be sure that you or your guests won’t forget something that would spring to mind at the last minute. The bridesmaid may have forgotten her mobile phone and is unable to find it now, or the bride’s father realizes that he has not put on his glasses only after looking at his face in the Limo’s mirror. The limos charge by time and each minute is adding up extra pounds. You won’t like to waste them for trivial issues, would you?

When you go to the Limo provider’s office, there are many things to discuss. You should bargain, ask about the ideal model and discuss your event in detail. So you can’t be blamed for forgetting anything vital. The best practice is to jot down any key points before you visit the limo provider. In fact, you should also write down anything provided by the company for future reference. Some important things to jot down when you visit a Limo provider’s office are as follows:

  • Details of pickup points (No. of passengers, distance, areas, address etc.)
  • Distance of the venue from company’s office
  • Total number of hours
  • Pickup Date and Time
  • Any special requests you would like to make

Most people ensure to confirm that the Limo has a tastefully decorated interior and luxuriously maintained exterior. However, they may miss some vital points that can affect the experience of the passengers. You should ensure that the seats should be made of the finest materials, and that they are still intact. They should have sufficient length to support the legs and back, especially while journeying over long distances. Many people have the notion that Limousines generally have premium quality seats and fabrics, however you should ensure that these seats are perfectly intact. Some passengers might be quite fussy, so you may want to instruct the company to use seat covers made from specific fabrics.

The car’s ambiance has a great role to play in setting or spoiling the mood. You should ensure that the ambiance inside the car is soothing and romantic for the new couple: right from the color of lighting and number of bulbs to the scent or fragrance, every element plays a vital role in forming an ambiance. Obviously you wouldn’t want disco lights or strong fragrance, as this would be distasteful.

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