Top questions you should ask before booking a horse-drawn carriage for your wedding

A beautiful horse drawn carriage can be an exceptional and fantastic addition to your wedding day, providing fabulous and unique photographs that you can treasure for the rest of your lives. Although to avoid confusion on your special day, we at wedding car hire suggest you settle all queries whilst booking. We’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions with regards to our horse-drawn carriage service.

How far are you willing to drive your horse and carriage in a day?

This is a very important question, as it is in our best wishes to ensure your safety and the horses on the day. It is unusual to drive horses for more than 6 miles a day, although this also depends on which horse you choose and its fitness. It also depends on your route and whether we think it is suitable for the horse and if there is enough room to maneuverer a carriage if needed. A tired and overworked horse can put your safety at risk and so we certainly don’t cut corners when it comes to the location, route and time frame of your wedding day.

How many footmen will be present on the day?

The absolute minimum amount of footmen that we will provide on the day is one. This will be plus a coachman, for a pair. However, if you require a team of four horses then of course more footman is required. The footman plays a vital role in keeping control of the horses from the ground. We will 100% stick to British Driving Society rules and so absolutely no carriage would be operated for a wedding without a footman.

Is my wedding the only event that you will have booked for the day?

We are pleased to say that we only ever book one wedding for each day according to our horse-drawn carriage service. If we were to book two weddings for one horse-drawn carriage in one day, it would be rushed which isn’t a good position for either you, the horses or the coachmen to be in.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Horses may be waterproof but brides are certainly not! However, it may be difficult to rearrange an alternative wedding car on the day itself due to capacity, so we suggest that you pack an umbrella and think of it as an experience you will never forget.
Book a horse-drawn carriage for your wedding with Wedding Car Hire and we guarantee a truly magical, yet luxurious experience. Contact us today for a quote!