Top questions to ask wedding transport suppliers

What comes to mind when you think of wedding transport? Perhaps a horse and carriage or a Rolls-Royce vintage car? Couples are very much looking for new and unique ways to arrive at their wedding venue these days. Whichever idea you are thinking of for wedding transport, each journey you make on your wedding day is definitely one to be cherished.

Many things should be considered whilst you are booking your wedding transport- from the weather and costs, to the distance and theme. However, one thing is certain and that is that you should arrive in style. While wedding transport has one objective (to get you to and from the venue), it will also reflect the grandeur of the whole day. This is rightly so, and so when you are searching for wedding transport, here are our top questions to ask suppliers:

Will a chauffeur be provided and what will they wear?

If you are planning on booking a chauffeur it’s very easy to assume that they will be dressed for the occasion. However, if you have a specific wedding theme you should probably mention it to the suppliers. That way they will make sure that the chauffeur provided is dressed appropriately and according to your wedding theme.

Do you provide a champagne toast?

Most companies realise the importance of your wedding day and are very likely to provide a champagne toast for you. However, do check with the supplier just to be sure.

Can we decorate the vehicle?

Whilst many companies won’t have a problem with this, it’s a good idea to confirm which decorations you are thinking of attaching to the vehicle. Some companies may be concerned about damage, and some décor may not comply with the company’s insurance policy.

Do you supply décor for your cars?

You may have your own décor in mind for the car you’ve hired, although some suppliers might do a deal with you and arrange all the decorations.

Do you have a back up car in case of an emergency?

The chances of something happening to the car you’ve chosen is very slim, although if something does, bigger companies will definitely be happy to accommodate you and your wedding party.

Let us know what wedding transport you are thinking of. Also, have a browse of our range and get in contact with us today for a quote.

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