Top 10 wedding songs

There are many important choices you'll need to make in the run up to your wedding - what clothes to wear, where to get married, what catering to choose for your guests - but one of the decisions you need to make that's sure to have a lasting impression on your memories of your special day is what song you choose to dance to for the first time as man and wife. To help you in this difficult decision, we've taken some time to put together this list of some of the top wedding songs chosen by couples getting married in the UK.

Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
An instantly recognisable hit, this fun party classic has been a popular wedding tune for years. A great one for couples who want an alternative to slower, more traditional wedding songs, this track is sure to get your guests on the dance floor and kick the party off in style.

White Wedding - Billy Idol
Another non-traditional wedding track that nonetheless appears on many wedding playlists year after year is this seminal song from rock musician Billy Idol - a popular choice for brides and grooms looking for something quirky and fun for their first dance.

Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
A song choice that's slower and more suited to a traditional, romantic first dance, Total Eclipse of the Heart still carries just the right degree of nostalgia and cult charm to make it a great wedding choice for couples who want the best of both worlds.

Can You Feel the Love Tonight - Elton John
A great choice for weddings that will have plenty of younger guests attending, this track is instantly recognisable to many children from the film 'Lion King' while still remaining adult and romantic enough for the perfect first dance.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder
Many couples want something a little more unusual for their first dance, and this soul classic from Stevie Wonder is a great choice that's sure to have guests from all generations joining in the fun.

Eternal Flame - The Bangles
A classic love song and ballad, this timeless offering from the Bangles will be instantly recognised by your guests - a great choice for couples that fancy inspiring a mass sing-along with their first dance.

Crazy In Love - Beyonce
Of course, some couples want a more modern track for their first dance, and Crazy In Love delivers with its addictive hook and strong, empowering female vocals.

Everything I Do (I Do It For You) - Bryan Adams
Some couples just want a fun, cheesy classic for their first dance - and what better choice than Everything I Do, the popular soft rock power ballad that remained at the top of the UK Singles Chart for sixteen consecutive weeks.

Let's Stay Together - Al Green
A blast from the past that's still well known enough in 2014 to be an excellent choice for a wedding dance, Al Green's amazing vocal range and funky beats makes this a choice that goes down well with guests from all generations.

PS I Love You - The Beatles
All the previous tracks a bit too modern for you? To add a real vintage feel to your wedding day, why not choose this classic love song by the Beatles? A simple choice that provides an elegant, understated backdrop to your first dance, it's a great track for couples who want to get back to basics.

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