Top 10 First Dance Songs

There are so many moments throughout your wedding day that you will treasure forever - the moment the bride walks down the aisle and the groom sees her for the first time; the moment you step out of the venue as man and wife; the cutting of the cake. One of the most important moments is of course your first dance. Whether you just want a traditional romantic song or you've choreographed a whole routine to impress your guests, you'll want to make sure that your choice of music is something that means something to you as a couple. For some inspiration, check out our list of some of the best:

I Don't Want to Miss A Thing - Aerosmith
Managing to be both romantic and epic, this track is ideal for couples that want a meaningful song that doesn't take itself too seriously. Fun for those who enjoy classic rock yet accessible enough for all the family to enjoy, it's a great choice for your first dance as man and wife.

Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
Another track in the same vein as the previous song, this beautiful ballad has some really dramatic moments that you can have some fun with if you plan on choreographing a routine. It's also got plenty of romantic slow parts too, so you'll have plenty of chances to cuddle up on the dancefloor.

Elbow - One Day Like This
Catchy and uplifting, this is a song that will be stuck in everyone's heads for hours. Combining haunting string sections with beautiful yet unusual vocals, this track is a great choice for those that want something a little out of the ordinary.

It Must Be Love - Madness
For something really different, why not pick this fun cover by British ska band Madness? Great for getting everyone out on the dance floor to join in the fun, it's an instantly recognisable tune that's a guaranteed ice breaker.

I Can't Help Falling in Love With You - Elvis Presley
One to please the older generations at your wedding, this classic love song is easy to slow dance to and has plenty of romantic lyrics to ensure there's not a dry eye in the house.

Come Away With Me - Norah Jones
A more unusual choice of song with a modern twist, Norah Jones' haunting vocals and beautiful lyrics make this track a great choice for a first dance.

So Here We Are - Bloc Party
Want something a bit more unusual for your first dance? This track by the British rock band Bloc Party is sure to surprise and delight your guests. For the added wow factor, why not plan some dance moves ahead to fit the really dramatic parts of the song?

You're My Best Friend - Queen
Put a smile on the faces of all the dads at your wedding with this track from everyone's favourite rockers, Queen. An offbeat, fun choice for your first dance, this one is sure to have your guests rocking out at your side.

At Last - Etta James
A perfect choice for a traditional or vintage-themed wedding, this beautiful, haunting song from the 1960s makes a wonderful accompaniment to your first dance. For extra impact, slip on some sixties style threads or accessories before you take to the dance floor.

Close to You - The Carpenters
Another classic song that's instantly recognisable is 'Close to You' with its romantic imagery and catchy lyrics. There are plenty of versions to choose from, but the Carpenters cover is one of the most popular and a great track for the first dance at a traditional wedding.

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