Tips for choosing choosing your wedding cars

We would like to welcome you to wedding car hire, a wedding car rental service operating in every corner of the UK. Unlike many other operators we help plan weddings that reflect personality, proving impartial advice and help to each and every one of our customer�s.

Understanding that choosing a wedding car is a pretty big deal we offer our team of travel advisers, there to assist with the vehicle selection process. If you are in the process of arranging your wedding details then we hope our tips below help with the transport side of the celebrations.

Choose a colour

From the beginning of the wedding planning activities you will know the colour scheme you are working with wanting each and every part of your wedding to fit into the pallet you have in mind. This should be continued through to your wedding cars, incorporating your wedding colours into the travel. Whether that be through coloured flowers of the vehicle itself, it is definitely worth looking into. The most popular wedding car colours are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Ivory
  • Blue
  • Green

Decide what theme you are working with

Of late we at Wedding Car Hire have seen an emerging trend in novelty weddings with UK couples testing various themes when tying the knot. The personality of your wedding must be reflected through your vehicles, showing your guests the feel of your weeding as soon as you arrive. At Wedding Car Hire we can accommodate the following themes:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Vintage
  • Novelty

Size matters

Where you would not have thought the size of your wedding car that important it is, especially for the bride. If you are planning a quiet, refined affair then a large stretched limo may not be ideal.

If the bride opts for a traditional, large dress with a long trail then a spacious car is definitely advisable, ensuring she does not arrive at the wedding venue with a creased dress.

Additional extras

If you require champagne, flowers or ribbons then you should highlight this during the early stages of booking, making sure you are not disappointed when your car is not dressed in the way you envisioned.

If you are in need of wedding car hire or would just like some advice on the best cars to rent contact Wedding Car Hire today.

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