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5 Tips to enjoy a great Stag party in a Limo

If you want to enjoy a Bachelor party with your friends in the most luxurious ambience then you would like to hire limo services for enhancing your journey experience. There are many providers tempting you to hire cheap limousine services and there is no harm in saving your precious pounds. However, you should always be considerate about the experience. Then there are some other things you should keep in mind before you finally book limo services:

Avoid even minute damages

Where the four friends meet together unlimited fun and frolic are guaranteed. Though you should have a blast of fun, it is also advisable to be a bit careful. The overflow of fun often makes a person swayed away. A luxurious Limo comes with certain costly liabilities. So ensure that the sweet youthful fun should not turn sour when you or your friend might unintentionally break some delicate part of the Limo. It is especially true in case you plan to enjoy a fully fledged party on-the-go. Shaking a leg is always welcome, but be careful in your movements to ensure that no even small damage should be done to the limo.

Drink Responsibly

If you would like to get a bit topsy-turvy in the luxury of Limo, that's not a crime. However, you and your friends should ensure to drink responsibly. You can bring a limited amount of alcohol that is sufficient enough for your friends to mellow down a little. Also, ensure that no one goes over the board.

Be careful while driving

In case you want to dine or drink in the Limo, it is always good to tell it to the Limo Company. Some companies would not mind if you drink a full bottle of beer inside their limo while others might take offence if someone enjoys a small chocolate inside their Limos. SO to be on the safe side, it is good to be clear with the company.

Ask for additional charges

It is said, and rightly so, that the good times are never enough. It is especially true if you are in the company f your friends. So, it would be great to check with the company about the extra charges applicable if you decide to increase the time. Some companies charge a premium hourly rate on each hour that exceeds the contracted time. Others would have a minimum charges policy. If you think that by adding an affordable amount you can considerably elongate the fulfilled moments, that not a bad deal!

Acquaint yourself with the Limo

In case, if you or your friend wants to drive the Limo, you should ensure that he is a good driver. It would also be a great thing to take a test drive in order to acquaint yourself with the Limo's specifications before you actually use it for a day out. A test drive will also help you to choose the ideal Limo model for you. Also ensure that the person who is driving is either a teetotaler or should not touch the alcohol, in case if you want to have some hot drinks. Limos are not very easy to drive because of their sheer size. Driving it under affect is even less desirable. Not to mention that it would also attract legal actions.

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