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Read this before you hire a Limo service for your Hen or Stag Do

Though we completely respected the tradition of tying a knot, the bachelor life has its own virtues. You live a carefree life, can have late night fun with friends and can engage in chats that can go on and on…..and on. So, if you have just limited days to enjoy your bachelor life before finally tying knot with your dream man, then it would be a great thing to go for a bachelorette party. And as your last party with your friends, you would certainly like to make it a great fun. Why not add a fine layer of luxury to it by hiring limo car services that would make your experience all the more enjoyable and memorable for your friends? Tempted, eh? Just go through these tips before you hire limo for bachelorette party:

Check the real Limo

If a company asks you to select a limo from an online catalogue, that is fine but if you physically visit the office and are still offered a catalogue to see the limo, there is every reason to get a bit suspicious. Ask the company to show you the real limo. After all you are not going to drive in a limo’s graphic you saw in the catalogue, right?>

Know your contract before going ahead

Having a contract and signing it is not enough. You should ensure that the contract should clearly mention every vital detail: right from year till model number and make. The rates, period of time and total amount should be mentioned in comprehensible format.

Check for the cancellation policies

Every Limo company has its own cancellation policies. Some would charge if you cancel a week before the reserved date while others would not mind if you cancel 2 days before the date. It is always better to go for the ones with the most flexible cancellation policy to be on the safe side.

Avoid wrong ways of having fun

While you would like to have a blast of fun when going for a Limo ride, there are better ways of fetching fun than bringing drugs or alcohol surreptitiously. Such acts might look adventurous at the superficial level but they will not only waste the precious pounds you have spent on Limo but will also get you a free ride……….to Police Station! Now, this is no fun, is it?

Demand for the ideal Limo driver

It is always better to acquaint yourself with the driver. Even the best make Limo may spoil your experience if the driver is not equipped with “Limo driving skills”. Yeah, driving limo is not like driving just any other car. It has a huge, luxurious body. Besides, you don’t just want to reach from point A to point B while in a Limo. You want to enjoy the experience. Hence the drive should know how to drive a Limo to offer you the best journey experience.

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