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5 Tips to hire an ideal limo service for a friends’ day out

Have you ever thought of enjoying a great, luxurious picnic experience with your closest friends? If you are interested in exploring the best picnic spots in UK whole the day, then it is recommendable to hire limo service for picnic party. Nothing can be more impressive than sitting in a Limo with your friends and looking at the passengers looking at your Limo with appreciates glances. But in order to ensure that you enjoy the fun sans interruption, there are a few things to consider. Here are a few tips to hire ideal Limo services:

Book Early

As the spring starts, the love is already in the air and so are the marriages. Understandably, the spring is generally the busiest time for the limos. So, it is always better to book the Limo in advance. Though booking 2-3 month ago is fine, you would probably want to book it around 5-6 months ago. You may stand a chance to enjoy the early bird discount. Besides, many Limo services would hike their prices a few months before the spring starts. Hence, you can expect to save some precious bucks!

Share the fun…and figures

You may really like to enjoy a premium luxury experience in a huge limo equipped with latest amenities and tasteful interior decoration, but are limited by your budget. In that case you can always have a budget option available. Just ask your friends if they also share a dream of enjoying the limo experience. Rent large limos with a capacity of 30-40 people and share the cost with the friends. You won’t only save some previous bucks but will also win some precious moments to spend with your friends. The pleasure of good moments increase when they are shared with your near and dear ones, isn’t it?

Ask your acquaintances

While many Limo services have a website that tells about the cost, it is always better to rely on the good old tradition of asking our acquaintances who have recently hired a limo. In fact, many limo services may offer some discount if you persist. The published rates are not the final rates. Your acquaintances, on the other hand, are able to tell you the “real charges”. Not only that, they can also tell you the service quality you can expect from the provider. As a direct experience holder, they are undoubtedly the best persons to have an unbiased review of limo service provider.

Check for the valid license

It is very important to check if the company holds a valid operating license for Limo. The license is issued by the state and allows the company to offer commercial Limo services. Some of the most reputed limo service providers are also the members of relevant associations. While it is not mandatory, such association does lend some reliability to the company’s profile.

The more the merrier….really?

The more the merrier and it is very true in the case of friends. However, if you want to hire a Limo, ensure that both you and your friends should have the best journey experience. It simply means that you have sufficient leg space and enough elbow space to enjoy the limo ride. Hence, any venture to stuff 12 friends in an 8-seater Limo is going a bit too far.

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