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Chrysler 300 Wedding Car Limo

The Chrysler 300 is a perfect Limousine to enjoy a sophisticated experience. Rendered with a suave exterior, silky interior and harmonious pastel color, this car is the definition of quality. It also has a strong dose of style and holds a distinct position among premium limos. It can happily accommodate 6-8 people. It is great for enjoying some cozy, fun moments with your friends. After all, quality is definitely more important than quantity. With state of the art amenities like flat screen TVs and DVD players and a great sounding stereo, the car takes luxury to the next level. If you take your privacy seriously, there is a privacy divider that offers your entire group privacy while the the chauffeur drives the car.

Its Fibre optic lighting offers a distinct visual ambiance, while the luxurious ceilings embellished with star gazer mirrored ceilings offers it the character of a beautiful small palace. The attractive lighting system further adds to your experience. In short if you want to enjoy some warm moments of friendship, then this is the best limousine for you.

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