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Rustic Revolution: tips for transport according to your rustic style wedding

With summer finally here and the weather seems to be brightening, it’s fair to say that the season for weddings has arrived. Whether you are in the last stages of planning your big day, or have just started, we at wedding car hire have put together a list of ideas and inspiration to have a browse through.

With regards to wedding styles and themes, vintage and rustic are very popular choices amongst couples. From the wedding venue to the cars, we’ve taken some time to gather some ideas of what you may want to consider including in your rustic styled special day.

Fabulous Decorations

One key thing that attracts couples to a rustic themed wedding is the décor. You can either keep it really minimal and simplistic, or get artsy and embrace all of your creativity. Many opt for mason jars with some sweet candles, or perfume bottles for vases. The choices are endless.

When excitement hits of course it’s easy to get carried away. However, do try not to go over the top and remember that rustic equals simple and elegant. It’s also meant to have an edgy/mismatched edge to it. Additionally, think about hanging decorations and glass orbs for a blissfully romantic atmosphere. Although be cautious about safety regulations and its best to check with your wedding venue whether your ideas are eligible.

Vintage & Classic Vehicles

Period wedding cars are a must with regards to a rustic wedding. They are so charming and elegant, perfect for such a special and romantic occasion. The nostalgia element of classic cars conforms to the rustic theme and so you will certainly be arriving in a period style. Here at wedding car Hire we accommodate to every wedding theme with regards to wedding cars. Just a few of the classic cars we do have available are, 1927 Vintage Rolls-Royce’s, Vintage Sovereign, Horse Drawn Carriage, or a Bentley MK Vl.

Glamorous Gowns

The perfect wedding dress is a vital piece for any wedding theme. However, for a rustic style wedding instead of opting for a big princess inspired dress, try on some elegant silhouettes with dainty materials like lace or silk. These kind of dresses will certainly fit with the theme and look gorgeous with any photo backdrop.

Pastel Palettes

Go back to a natural coloured palette for a rustic wedding. Have dusty pinks, rose quartz and sage greens in mind when you plan your special day. The beauty of a rustic wedding is the naturalistic approach, therefore your colour theme needs to be simple but elegant.

The choices are endless when it comes to planning a rustic wedding. However, make sure you book all of your wedding features in advance to avoid disappointment. To enquire about any of our wedding cars, get in contact with us today for a quote. You will be dazzled by our range of stylish transport.

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