Lowgate Bride Arrives at Church in a Rickshaw

We are always looking for a bit of originality when attending a wedding ceremony. Eddie and Julie definitely delivered on that front.

Wedding cars are often a surprise for either the bride or groom. Bride, Julie, wanted to add a touch of personality to her wedding transport in aid to impress the groom. Eddie was over the moon to see the Rickshaw coming through Lowgate to drop his bride off to the church.

Eddie spends a lot of time working in India, Julie, 48, decided she would surprise him with a Rickshaw to bring a bit of India to their special day.

She said: "With him working in India and going round in them, I just thought that's quite a good touch. I knew it would mean a lot to him.

"Travelling in the rickshaw has been a lot of fun.

"I didn't want a posh wedding, I wanted a fun wedding day."

People stopped and waved as the glowing bride travelled through Lowgate. They were blowing her kisses and taking pictures of the rickshaw.


Passers-by stopped in their tracks as the beaming bride was carried to St Mary the Virgin Church in Lowgate in the white rickshaw.

Julie said: "People were blowing kisses, laughing and taking photos.

"My dad was with me, he doesn't look that old, and people were saying, 'Congratulations' - they thought I'd married my dad."

Eddie, 54, said: "We didn't give out any invitations. We wanted to be a bit unique.

"We told people a time and venue and waited to see how many of them would turn up."

"The church is absolutely beautiful," said Julie.

"Eddie said we didn't want any wedding presents, we just wanted people to donate to the church funds."

The bride really was the star of the show with her unique transport. Both the journey and arrival to a wedding venue are key parts to a wedding day that can show your quests a part of your personality. Cars for Stars caters to a whole catalogue of requests to give the desired impression on that special occasion.




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