Check the Reliability of a Limo Hire Company

Check they have the model you want

Limousines are available in a number of models and makes, and you may want to hire an ideal limo that matches the character of the event. So, before you approach a limo rental company it would be great to ensure that it supplies the required limo model. The internet can prove helpful here, just go through online local directories and visit the websites of different limo rental companies in your vicinity to ensure that they supply the type of limo you are looking for. But it is even more important to ensure that the required model is available on the day when you require it and it fits your budget. You can send an email to that company mentioning your requirements and budget and asking for rough quotations.

Check the website

Checking the website of the limo service provider plays a vital role in determining the quality of service you can expect. But that is not the only way to determine the reputation of the supplier. You should also check their social media pages and the reviews they get on reputable, unbiased review sites. However, it is not rare to encounter difference between online and real reputation. So, instead of relying on the online reputation you should also confirm with your close acquantinces if they have used their services? You can also ask the company to give you the references of their previous clients and have their reviews before you finally book the Limo.

Beware of Peak times

If you are booking a Limo during spring or other busy months of the year, you need to be extra cautious regarding the prices. The companies are very busy during this time and tend to raise their prices. Some companies might even hike their prices to earn some profitable income. Others would change the pricing structure and would introduce minimum charges of 6-8 hours irrespective of the time for which the car has been actually used.

Be specific when asking about charges for Limo Hire

Asking about rental charges is a tough process, you need to focus on several specific details while asking for limo rental prices. It would not only allow you to have a better idea of the total charges you would have to pay but will also enable you to negotiate in an appropriate way:

Does the company starts calculating the charges as soon as car exits the company’s gate or are the applicable only after it leaves the pickup point.

Is it possible to exceed the booking duration or does the Limo has to leave for another client just after you free it? You might need to add a few extra hours in case the things get delayed.

In case you want to increase the booking duration, would you be charged according to the number of hours or is there any mimimum charge policy?

Is there any discount provided by the company upon advance payment?

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