Make like a celebrity with a festival-style wedding

These days, everyone from teenagers to A-list celebrities enjoys a good music festival, and many famous people such as Kate Moss have been taking inspiration from these events and hosting their own festival-themed weddings. Simple, informal and affordable, these weddings are the perfect laid-back way to tie the knot.

You can recreate the glamour of a celebrity festival wedding with ease, even on a limited budget. Firstly you need to find somewhere to host the event. If you live in a rural area, you can ask around local farmers and land-owners to find someone who is willing to rent out a field. This option is the cheapest, but also the most basic: you will need to install facilities like portaloos yourself, and be aware that there will probably be no running water on the site. Or why not check out one of the many purpose-built rural wedding venues available throughout the country? From beautiful woodland glades to the grounds of stately homes there are plenty of locations to choose from.

Next, you'll need to think about shelter for your guests. You'll want a big marquee to host the dining and celebrations: basic white marquees are great value for money and can be jazzed up with home-made decorations, while more interesting options like tipis and yurts will create a magical atmosphere for your guests. You can even hire smaller versions for your guests to sleep in too, for that authentic festival vibe.

Wherever you decide to host your festival wedding, you'll want to make sure you arrive in style. So why not check out With a fantastic selection of luxury vehicles available to hire, from vintage Rolls Royces to state-of-the-art Ferrari sports cars, we've got the perfect way to make a grand entrance at your very own VIP festival wedding.

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