Top tips for avoiding wedding day dramas

Your wedding day is one of the most special and important days of your life, but as any experienced wedding guest will tell you, the combination of nerves, alcohol and lots of people is a melting pot for potential drama. But there's no need to panic - here are some simple tips to keep everything running smoothly on your wedding day.

First, pay close attention to your seating plan. As much as you can, try and seat people with friends and family they already know and get along with, or people with whom they share similar interests. This will minimise the risk of potential conflict between your guests and keep the conversation flowing. If there are any guests with an existing rift or problem between them that you are aware of, make sure you speak to them before the wedding and that they understand they are expected to put such issues aside for your special day.

It's also important to keep an eye on your guests' alcohol consumption, particularly if there is a free bar. Make sure there is plenty of food on hand to make sure people don't get too drunk, and if you're worried that some of your guests might drink too much it's a good idea to limit the free bar to certain hours. Have plenty of soft drinks available too, and jugs of water on all the tables to remind people to stay hydrated.

Finally, to avoid any potential conflict between families and members of the wedding party, make sure that everyone's role is clearly defined before the wedding. Let people know who is expected to do what, so they can prepare for their role accordingly and air any grievances they might have well before the day itself.

Of course, most wedding guests are simply there to celebrate your marriage and wouldn't dream of creating any drama. But if you follow these simple tips you can be sure of an enjoyable, relaxing and hassle-free wedding day.

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