Country Wedding vs. City Wedding: Where to tie the knot?

The UK is a place packed with stunning wedding venues, with every city bursting with amazing, affluent buildings. From the city to the countryside, with so many selections you have to refine your tastes pretty early on in the wedding planning process, allowing you to clearly visualise how your big day will unfold.


Budget will play a vital role in your choice of wedding venue with both city and countryside venues having a budget range. However, you must remember that this is the most important day of your life with cutting corners simply not being an option.

That said, a wedding is what you make it, with the homegrown, handmade theme being particularly popular of late. From handcrafted table decorations to vintage, recycled dresses, there are plenty of ways to make cutbacks without sacrificing the image you want for your wedding.

City weddings

City weddings are renowned for their expensive nature, however, you can pick up a bargain. With sites such as Groupon promoting cut discounted venues you will be sure to find something you like.

As you can imagine, when in the city civilisation seems a lot closer, with shops and bustling streets influencing more of an atmosphere. If you are a city high-flyer then you will probably feel more at home in this environment, wanting your wedding to reflect you, your personality as well as your comfort zone.

Whatever type of city venue you will need to get to and from there in style. With cities such as London infamous for traffic you will want a travel plan that is well thought out, avoiding holdups as much as possible.

Our expert drivers know the city like the back of their hands, boasting years of experience chauffeuring brides and grooms to the most important event of their life.

Countryside weddings

The British countryside is unparalleled, sporting a vivaciousness that the rest of the world displays a hunger for. From the beautiful views to the amazing wedding venues, suburban areas make for a fantastic wedding day environment.

With marquee and festival style weddings becoming particularly fashionable you can be sure to utilise your creativity when planning a wedding in the countryside.

If you are considering a wedding out of the city then you will be in need of wedding cars to reflect the stature of the day.

Our fleet

The wedding car hire fleet consists of a preternatural amount of vehicles including:

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If you would like to speak to a member of the wedding car team then be sure to enquire today.

Country Weddings vs. City Weddings: Where to tie the knot?

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