Choosing a Wedding Theme: a How-To Guide

When planning a wedding things can get very stressful, needing everything you plan to compliment the overall presentation on the day. From catering services and the transport to the attire and the décor of the venue, everything must make sense in regards to theme.

This is why choosing a theme is one of the most difficult wedding decisions you will have to make, dictating the style of every single thing within your celebration.

When should I choose a theme?

The earlier you decide on a theme to run with the better, not wasting time looking at suppliers or items that will not fit in with the spirit of your day. When thinking that even your invitations will shout out the type of wedding guests can expect you will need to know the theme before you even spread your big news.

Popular wedding themes

If you have never planned a wedding before then choosing a theme can feel rather difficult, not wanting to decide on something that does not suit your personality.

Some of the most popular wedding themes include:

  • Traditional
  • Vintage
  • Modern
  • Novelty
  • Festival
  • Rock n Roll
  • And many more

Celebrating your personality

Whatever theme you select for your wedding be sure that it will best unveil your personality as a couple, wanting to look back at your wedding photographs and know that you did yourself an your partner proud!

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