Black and White Wedding Cars UK

White vs Black Wedding Cars

Choosing your wedding vehicle is undeniably one of the most important elements of your wedding planning. It will transport the bride to the venue where you’ll leave as husband and wife, it will also provide your first method of transportation as a married couple. As well as this, it provides you an opportunity to splash out and choose your dream car as luxury transportation on the best day of your life. Indeed, every couple has a specific taste and indeed a budget too, so choosing your dream vehicle is a very exciting task, but there is one element that will have you going back and forth - white or black? Regardless of the theme of your wedding, both white and black wedding cars will fit in seamlessly as stunning and neutral colours, but which is the one for you?

White wedding cars, like the Marquess Rolls Royce Silver Cloud, are undoubtedly more vintage and traditional methods of wedding transportation, and you’ll find that many classic wedding cars adopt a stunning white or cream colouring. This is to accentuate the theme of white which embeds itself throughout a traditional wedding - the Bride’s dress, being the primary white or ivory item throughout the ceremony. Opting for a white wedding car means you’ll have this beautiful theme or colour throughout your special day, creating a stunning tie between your dress and your wedding transportation. It will also provide a subtle nod to a traditional wedding theme but in a seamless and sophisticated manner.

When it comes to more modern wedding vehicles, like the stunning Rolls Royce Phantom, which is available thanks to wedding car hire, black is often the preferred colour of choice for the wedding car. Black cars are synonymous within the transportation industry with class and sophistication, which is why they lend themselves perfectly to a modern wedding. The black is also means that the Bride’s white dress will simply stand out all the more, so black cars present a perfect choice for Brides who, rightfully so, wish to be the centre of attention on their special day.

Whether you want a black wedding car to create a sleek and fashionable mode of transportation from your wedding venue to your wedding reception or a white wedding car to stand out from the crowd and help you scream from the rooftops that you’re now married, Wedding Car Hire have a stunning range of vehicles from you to choose from. Regardless of your specific taste or budget, whether you want a classic vehicle or something more modern and contemporary, there are a range of both black and white vehicles readily available for you to hire for your special day.

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