2017 wedding trends

When arranging a wedding you want to follow trend whilst adding your own special touch, paying homage to fashion without coming across as uninspiring. This is why at wedding car hire we advise our customers to look into trends, finding our what's hot, what's not and gain some dos and don'ts from others.

It is also worth noting that wedding trends are not just about décor and attire but about event execution, something all bides, grooms and planners require learning about.

According to sources 2017 is set to hone in on the following:

Ditch the after-party

While the traditional wedding format takes guests from the venue that the ceremony is held, then to another 'after-party' venue, 2017 is set to rid of that, with couples hiring venues to conduct the whole shebang. Rending more lavish venues couples are said to using different halls and gardens to segment the wedding, making for easier transport and better purchasing power.


All weddings are a celebration and declaration of emotion, with brides, grooms as well as guests wanting to share those precious moments with the world online. Due to this growing need to stay connected couples are creating wedding websites, social media pages and even featuring their own hashtag to ensure their images and posts stay online for all to see.

Industrial vibes

If you have been to a swanky restaurant of late you will be very much aware of the industrial vibe interior designers are working with, a trend that has slowly but surely encroaching on the wedding industry. Brides and grooms are allegedly working with contemporary yet city vibes, with brushed metal, raw materials and the 'unfinished' look being on trend.

Whether you are working with a modern, contemporary or completely bonkers wedding theme, be sure that we at wedding car Hire have the perfect car to compliment your big day. Contact us today for more details.

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